Simply put, TikTok is a video app that’s been officially available on iOS since November 2017. It’s been getting some buzz for its appeal to millennials, but in a recent blog post, the company announced that it’s now rolling out a major update to the app. The new features are centered on livestreaming for everyone, so users can easily broadcast live from their profiles.

TikTok has officially launched 8 new features for its livestreaming platform. These upgrades are a significant step towards making the TikTok app a one-stop shop for creating and sharing videos. The eight new features are: Music Segmentation Auto Play Live Captioning Periscope Viewing Lenses for Live-Broadcast Feeds Stickers for Live-Broadcast Feeds Reactions for Live-Broadcast Feeds Live-Broadcast Filters for Live-Broadcast Feeds

The music video app TikTok has rolled out eight new features for its livestreaming feature, including audio recording, face filters, stickers, and more. Users can now record their livestreams, which is an improvement over the current feature that only records videos after they have been viewed. The app is also introducing stickers for livestreams, which can be animated and fun to use. TikTok is also launching a new Face Filters feature that lets users add stickers to their faces, which is a great way for users to use their creativity. There are several other features that are still being tested and will be released soon, so stay tuned for more news.. Read more about how to live stream on youtube and let us know what you think.

TikTok is rolling out eight new features for livestreams which includes Q&A, picture-in-picture, the ability to schedule streams in advance, and more.

The number of people broadcasting and watching livestreams on TikTok has doubled in the last year.

The popularity of live content among users has prompted the firm to invest in new tools for streamers to help them discover, create, and consume live streams.

Here’s a rundown of all the new features introduced today.

Tiktok Livestreams Now Have New Features

Plan ahead of time

TikTok content creators can now schedule, organize, and promote livestreams ahead of time.

TikTok Events, or pre-scheduled streams, provide a new opportunity for creators to connect with their audience and build anticipation for future content.


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On iOS and Android, TikTok livestreams may now be seen in picture-in-picture mode. Users can roam their smartphone freely while the livestream is anchored to a spot on the bottom of their screen.

Consider Sharing a Room with a Friend

Two people can now broadcast live on the same stream using a new feature dubbed “LIVE Together.”

Live Q&A

A new Q&A feature for livestreams makes it easy for creators to engage with and respond to viewers’ questions in realtime.

“LIVE Q&A” is less a feature and more a suite of tools that allows streamers to select, showcase, and answer questions from their audience while broadcasting.


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Streams at the top

From the For You and Following sections, TikTok has made it easier to find and tune into live content.

Livestreams will soon be discoverable through category pages which include Chat (Q&A), Gaming, Talents, Fashion, and Daily Life.

Moderators should be assigned

Creators can assign a trusted individual to help regulate their livestream ahead of time by tapping Settings on the right side of the livestream launch screen.

Both the host and the person assisting can mute and block viewers during the broadcast to keep the stream inviting and respectful.

TikTok will offer a feature that allows creators and moderators to temporarily mute viewers and erase nasty remarks in the coming weeks.

Filters for keywords

During a livestream, creators can now mute any phrase they want. Creators can disable comments in the LIVE start screen’s settings page, or add up to 200 terms to the keyword filter to limit chat comments.

Hosts and moderators can add words to the list at any time during the webcast.


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Harmful Remark Warnings

Users will be reminded to evaluate how their comments might be interpreted by the streamer before leaving a comment that TikTok assesses as potentially damaging.

TikTok Newsroom is the source of this information.


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