Today Facebook is announcing two new tools for all of its 1.5 billion users: Podcast and audio chat rooms. The Podcast feature allows anybody to create a live audio show that will automatically be broadcast to their friends, and can be accessed from the Podcasts app or by visiting the Facebook Newsroom. Audio Chat Rooms has been available for the past year in the desktop version of Facebook, but now it will be installed by default on the company’s mobile apps.

In 2015, Facebook launched Facebook Live, a video chat app that lets you broadcast live broadcasts to your friends and followers. It was well received by users, though it was soon overshadowed by Snapchat, a rival app that lets you broadcast videos in short periods of time. However, in a recent move that could change the face of live video, Facebook has introduced an audio-only version of the app called Rooms. While it may not revolutionise the way we all talk to each other, it could provide Facebook with a new way to connect with its users.

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Facebook has announced two new entrants into the social audio space with the broadcast of audio events called Live Audio and the launch of podcasts. Both services are currently only available in the United States.

Live Audio Rooms

Live audio rooms are a way to host an audio event on Facebook, similar to a radio show with a live audience.

The live audio room resembles a live event with an audience, with interactive elements such as hand signals and the ability to speak or ask questions during the live event.

Live event creators can create live audio spaces via the iOS app, and viewers can join the event via Android or iOS devices.


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Public figures and Facebook groups will be able to post audio pieces

Facebook is currently rolling out live audio rooms for invited public figures and selected Facebook groups.

The host can invite people into the live audio rooms and broadcast up to fifty speakers. There is no limit to the size of the audience.

Screenshot of the Live Audio Room page

Facebook Introduces Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts

Facebook group Live Audio Rooms

There are privacy differences for the Live Audio Rooms Facebook group.


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Audio spaces in private Facebook groups are only accessible to members of that group.

Public Facebook Live audio rooms are open to everyone, members and non-members.

Administrators can assign moderators and group members to create real-time audio spaces.

Examples of public figures

Facebook talked about some of the public figures invited to make live audio rooms.

Here are some examples of public figures who will host live audio sessions:

  • Quarterback Russell Wilson
  • Activist Rosa Clemente
  • The internet personality Omareloff
  • Founder of Rise, Amanda Nguyen
  • D Smoke
  • Kehlani
  • Reggie Watts.
  • Lisa Morales Duke
  • Dr. Jess.
  • Bobby Burke.
  • Tina Knowles-Lawson
  • Joe Budden
  • DeRay McKesson.

Fundraising opportunities

Live audio rooms can be used for fundraising. With this feature, live audio rooms can become a way to host an event in support of specific organizations.

According to the screen:

Live Audio Room presenters can also choose a non-profit organization or charity to support during the call, and listeners and stakeholders can donate directly.

Interactive audio events

The live audio rooms will be interactive, which should encourage a sense of presence at a live event, as opposed to a passive listener.

Members may raise their hands and have the opportunity to participate in the live audio room and take advantage of the live responses.


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Another way to connect with your audience is to buy stars, which earn creators a penny for every star they donate.

Those who offer stars may be rewarded for their support with a promotion to the next level.

Facebook explains this as follows:

Listeners can also show their support and appreciation to the public figure hosting the live show by submitting stars that will promote listeners to the front row.

The front row is a special section that highlights people who have submitted stars, so moderators can highlight supporters (and maybe even say hello to them during the conversation!).


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Podcasts coming to Facebook

Facebook has also introduced podcasts for Facebook: A small group of podcasts have already launched, and more are promised in the coming weeks.

You can find the podcasts on the podcasters’ Facebook pages and Facebook news feeds.

The ad says:

Early podcasts include Joe Budden of the Joe Budden Podcast, Jess Humora of Carefully Reckless of The Black Effect Podcast Network and iHeartRadio, Kelty Knight, Becca Tobin and Jak Vanek of LadyGang, and Nikayla Matthews Okom of Side Hustle Pro.

Facebook Social Audio

Facebook is becoming more than just a social network where people share stories and discuss their favorite topics. It is increasingly becoming a place where people can be part of an audience and share experiences in real time, and a way for creators and public figures to attract new audiences.


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Official announcement of live audio rooms on Facebook
and podcasts on Facebook

Official explanation about Facebook starsFacebook is continuing to roll out new ways to interact with the platform. They’ve already been experimenting with Live Video, and now it’s the turn of audio. It’s a good time to think about podcasting, since the social media platform is offering new tools for it.. Read more about soundbites facebook and let us know what you think.

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