This study analyzed the usage of schema types on the Web. It found that RDF Schema was most commonly used by the Web’s top 1000 sites. The study also examined the usage of other schema types, such as JSON-LD and Microformats.

You’ve heard of, haven’t you? Google’s new initiative to define the basic types of websites and give them a structure. It’s a great way to structure information for users, but it can also be useful for researchers evaluating other websites. defines these types of sites:

The world of SEO is constantly changing and, as a result, so is the way in which different types of content are ranked in search results. In fact, is constantly evolving as well. That being said, here’s a look at the schema types most commonly used by the industry.. Read more about schema markup and let us know what you think.

Because search engines have so much information to analyze, they want data on a website to be organized in a manner that makes it easy to recognize and comprehend your content.

Marketers may base their optimizations on hundreds of item characteristics thanks to schema markup.

So, which ones are the most popular?

BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO tool, conducted research by looking at the top-ranking sites in these industries:

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Improvements to the House
  • Healthcare


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The most common schema type, it turns out, differs by platform. In SEO, there’s another another instance of “it depends.”

For example, BrightEdge discovered that FAQPage was the most popular in education.

BreadcrumbList, on the other hand, was the most used schema type in travel and finance.

Meanwhile, the most popular schema type in Home Improvement was Article.

Organization schema was the most common in healthcare.

August 2023, image courtesy of BrightEdge SearchIQ Smart Schema

Schema, Google & Rankings

Structured data, according to Google, has no bearing on ranking. Repeatedly.


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However, Google’s John Mueller has said that schema aids Google’s understanding of items on a page as a means of determining if a page is a relevant result for a search query.

So, although schema use may not help you rank better directly, it does have indirect advantages.

Many of the top-ranking sites in these fields make use of schema. However, this does not imply that schema is the reason they are on Page 1.

In SEO, it’s common to confuse correlation with causation. So, anytime you read about correlation, be careful about slipping into that trap.

Regardless, it’s always worthwhile to investigate what top-ranking sites are up to, since this knowledge may lead you to significant possibilities for increased exposure and success.

Pointers to Schemas

BrightEdge supplied Search Engine Journal with three recommendations for using schema correctly if you want to gain the maximum value for your business, based on their research:

  • Take your time. It’s not always necessary to scribble everything down. Success comes from determining which schema types are most important for your market and emphasizing them so that crawlers are not confused about the site’s purpose.
  • While more schema types are being published, there are a few must-haves that are really commonly utilized, such as breadcrumb lists, organization, and article mark-ups.
  • Keep an eye out for new kinds, since Google is always changing and looking for new methods to acquire context and entities on a page.

Note: BrightEdge supplied the data for this study exclusively to Search Engine Journal, who also looked at certain ranking relationships. More information about them may be found here.


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Schema is a fairly new data structure for the web. It’s a way of describing and organizing data, although many claim it’s a type of data modeling or data architecture, as opposed to a database. Regardless, it’s a relatively recent development in the tech world that has had a profound impact on the way we interact with data. It allows for the creation of more rich and complex queries with a variety of functionality.. Read more about role of schema in seo and let us know what you think.

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