Link building is one of the most important things you can do to rank in search engines. It is so important that Google has been trying to crack down on it for years, and I feel like they get better at it every year. If you start building your link profile from day one, it is never going to be a problem.

If you’re not using any of the 50+ incredible link building resources listed below, you’re missing out on the power of Google, and the potential to rank higher in the search engines.

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Link building is the cornerstone of SEO. Any good online marketer or SEO needs to know how to build links to their site to rank well on Google.

The goal of this post is to provide something that all marketers with any skill set can use. Whether you’re new to link building or have been building your backlink profile for 10+ years, you’ll likely find some useful nuggets in this post.


New to link building? These guides explain the basics and get you set up for success:

Want to skip the 500-word articles and go straight into a deep dive on link building? These massive free guides can help:

Let’s look at some posts with a wide variety of link building strategies.

Since content is becoming increasingly more important, here are some posts on link building with content:


These links are a little less how-to and have more insightful content on link building. If you’re looking for link building tactics, skip this section. If you want to know about the essence of link building and why so many online marketers and SEOs focus on it, these articles can help provide that background.

Just as important as the links you should be building is knowing what links you shouldn’t be building. Remember that spammy links pointing to your site is a problem you need to take care of.

If you have a local business, these link building strategies are made just for you.

Think PR and social media have nothing to do with link building? Think again.

Nothing makes link building more productive and effective than the right tools. Here are posts reviewing some favorite link building tools:

  • Ubersuggest: I created Ubersuggest to help you find the best keywords for your content marketing strategy. Besides keyword research, it also has a robust backlinks feature which details who is linking to you (as well as your competitors).

Want to keep up with link building news? Here are the top SEO blogs link building categories.

Have questions about link building, or want to demonstrate your link building expertise? Here are some places where you’ll find lots of people asking about link building:

There you have it! More than 60 great link building resources to chew on.

As you can see, there isn’t one way to gain backlinks. There are many strategies you can use to start establishing yourself (and your business) as an industry thought leader.

The earlier you start putting effort into gaining links, the quicker you’ll gain authority in search results and start outranking your competitors.

What are your favorite link building resources?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Link building is a form of SEO that helps to improve the ranking of a website in search engine results.

There are many ways to improve your SEO link building. One way is to use a tool like Ahrefs or MajesticSEO to find the top ranking websites in your niche and contact them for a link. Another way is to use tools like BuzzSumo or SEMrush to find influencers in your niche and reach out for a link.

There are many link building strategies, but the most common ones are: Guest blogging on relevant websites. Building relationships with influencers in your niche. Creating content that is valuable to your audience and linking to it from other places. Creating content that is valuable to your audience and linking to it from other places. What are the benefits of link building? Link building can help you rank higher in search engines, increase traffic, and build trust with your audience.

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