The search giant has commenced its multimedia ad campaign for Bing, and it’s gonna bring along some pretty cool innovations. The new video ads will be viewed on mobile phones and web browsers, and they’ll be viewable on Microsoft’s own AdCenter and on third party sites, too. The videos will feature these new multimedia ads, and they’ll be available in a variety of formats, including Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media9, and Windows Media Player.

Microsoft Advertising has a new way to advertise search results and videos (formerly known as Windows Spotlight) that leverages the fact that people spend the most time looking at images. The new multimedia ads will appear to the right of search box, and on the top and bottom of search result pages. The new ads will only show up when users are looking at images, and will feature a text-based headline that links back to the search results.

Microsoft Advertising has announced a new responsive ad format: Multimedia Ads. The ads will combine images, titles and descriptions from advertisers using machine learning to create attention-grabbing ads.

Multimedia ads are placed on’s search results pages and prominently displayed in the home bar at the top of the SERPs or in the right sidebar.

Only one multimedia ad is placed on each page, so only one advertiser can place a multimedia ad at a time.

Multimedia ads allow advertisers to showcase their brand through a rich and attractive ad format. Here are some examples of what they might look like.

Microsoft Advertising will create recommendations using existing image assets (e.g. image extensions) and text ads from advertisers, as well as stock images (coming soon).


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Once referrals are added to an account, advertisers have 7 days to accept or reject them, after which they are automatically applied to the account. Advertisers can also disable the auto-apply feature at the account level.

Microsoft Advertising plans to make the following improvements in the near future:

  • Expand mainline capabilities with additional rich formats, including video.
  • Multimedia advertising for the retail trade : Combine the power of multimedia ads with your product flow.
  • Additional Bing interfaces and improvements to the Microsoft Audience Network.
  • New automated CPM-based bidding strategies for multimedia ads.
  • Additional options to import your rich media assets from other advertising platforms.


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