Google announced changes to its search algorithm last week, and they’re beginning to roll out today. The updates might not seem like much at first glance, but they could have a big impact on the way we find information online. On top the changes will apply to publishers, ranking the sites that appear in search results. The algorithm will be paying more attention to people who actively provide fresh new content to their readers, and will be taking into account the number of visitors a publisher has.

Google has launched a new feature that will automatically list articles from journalists and editors who publish content on the web, such as blogs and news sites. The feature was first reported by The New York Times. The company will add the most recent articles from a number of these sources to Google News results, as opposed to having to dig for them on the site.

Google is testing a change in search results for journalists that includes a carousel of their latest articles. The new beta feature of Google Search is designed to help users learn more about a journalist or author by highlighting their most recent work. Individual voices play an important role in the news and information we consume. With so many complex and important stories circulating every day, people are not only relying on specific publishers for the latest news, they are increasingly turning to trusted journalists, writers and individual experts. Google Starts Highlighting Journalists’ Latest Articles These article carousels are an extension of the knowledge boards already created for journalists. View More information below When you search for a journalist by name, Google displays a block of information about the journalist at the top of the screen. This is similar to what Google would display for any other public face. Links to recent articles are now shown when searching for a small subset of journalists. Users can scroll through articles as if they were looking for the latest news in the top news carousel. This allows researchers to get an idea of the types of topics the journalist covers and to get an idea of his or her writing style. When consuming news, it’s important not only to remember who the editor is and what he or she stands for, but also to get to know the person behind the title. View More information below If you read a news article that contains a controversial viewpoint on a current topic, you can google the author and see how he or she covers other topics. Through this investigation, you may discover that a particular journalist places more importance on shock value than objectivity in reporting. You will then be able to make an informed decision on whether to review their documents in the future. On the other hand, there may be a journalist whose writing style you admire, and this feature will help you find other articles you like.

Google needs the help of publishers to fill these new carousels with the author’s latest work. Publishers and content creators can make their content more accessible and show up better in Google search results by adding structured metadata to their article pages. The structured data should include at least the name of the journalist or author and biographical pages of the journalists describing their experiences.


This new feature is initially only available to a limited number of English-speaking journalists in the United States and can be used on mobile devices. Google plans to expand this feature to more journalists, devices and languages over time. Google will be testing different ways to organize content to ensure the best possible experience. View More information below Anyone can submit a review by clicking on the Reviews button in the bottom right corner of the article carousel. Google says it’s actively looking for ways to improve the new article carousel, and using the feedback button is the best way to make your ideas known. We look forward to your feedback to improve and develop this feature over time. Ultimately, we want to provide readers with a quick and easy way to learn more about the people who report on the issues that affect their lives. Source: Google

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