We had a lot of fun learning about the social media preferences of the American consumer, thanks to a partnership with the Twitter Data Science Lab.

It’s been a while since we had any data about the preferences of American consumers, but we got 4 months of Twitter data in late July, which gave us a window into consumer preferences for the winter and spring of 2023. In this post, we’ll be looking at the things consumers care the most about this summer before they head outside.

Twitter reports that consumers are positive about the approaching summer of 2023, and data from its tweet volume survey shows what their priorities are for the season.

Compared to last year’s Summer Conversations, positive sentiment on Twitter increased by 11%.

After a year in a cramped space, it seems that great days are ahead. On Twitter, people are expressing their excitement about the summer of 2023 and are not letting up in positive terms. And unlike last year, people are making plans again.

If you know consumers’ summer plans, you can meet them where they are by targeting them on similar topics.

For example, the data we will look at in a moment shows exponential growth around movies. So marketers need to think about how they can participate in this conversation with relevant messages.


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Let’s take a look at the report and find out what the Twitter data reveals about people’s priorities this season.

According to an analysis of consumer sentiment by Twitter, the positives have gone up and the negatives have gone down.

In addition to positivity, users also expect brands to share informative and useful content.

People are ready and can finally have fun again this summer.

This means that businesses and brands should consider changing their tone on social media to be on par with their customers.

Be aware of the current situation and restrictions in your area.

Source: Twitter Marketing

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