TikTok, a new video app from tech giant, has been accused of playing a part in the increase in short content on social media platforms. The app is a popular platform for people looking to make video clips but it has come under fire for enabling users to make videos that are over three seconds long and can be viewed on the app.

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This week, TikTok announced that it’s doubling the length of videos on its platform to 60 seconds. TikTok, a video-focused social app that launched in August 2017, is China’s answer to the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. The app is widely popular with teens and young adults, and it’s one of the highest-grossing apps in the country.

TikTok triples the maximum length of videos and increases the time limit from sixty seconds to three minutes.

This update applies to all users and is accompanied by a message as shown below:

In its announcement, the company writes:


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So much can happen in a minute on TikTok, from popular musicals to sea shanties to fetapaste recipes to roller skating covers and more. Now we’re giving our global community the ability to create longer videos, paving the way for even richer stories and entertainment on TikTok.

These three minutes can be recorded, edited and uploaded directly into the TikTok application. This update gives designers a canvas that is three times larger than the previous one.

New territory for videos on social media

This update puts TikTok in a unique position when it comes to short vertical videos on social media.


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Going from sixty seconds to three minutes may seem like a small change. But remember: Until now, sixty seconds was the norm for all major social applications.

Facebook and Instagram stories are limited to sixty seconds, as are Instagram feed messages. Instagram videos are only allowed to be 30 seconds long.

YouTube Shorts and Snapchat Stories are also limited to one minute. TikTok is an exception with its new video length of three minutes.

This could change the way people use the app and potentially lead to content only being found on TikTok.

Previously, users could record a single video of sixty seconds or less and share it seamlessly across all social networks.

Right now, you can’t do that with a three-minute video. However, creators can take advantage of this extra length and create longer content specifically for their TikTok audience.

If creators choose this route, users will find a wider selection of content to enjoy and a reason to open TikTok instead of other apps.

All this means that a small change, such as extending the video, can lead to larger indirect changes.

What will a viral TikTok video longer than 60 seconds look like in the future? It’s up to a pioneering designer to figure that out.


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It will be interesting to see what the creators do to hold the audience’s attention for more than a minute.

TikTok echoes this sentiment in its ad:

With all the ways our community has redefined self-expression in under 60 seconds, we can’t wait to see how people continue to entertain and inspire themselves with a few more seconds – and a whole world of creative possibilities.

The longer TikTok videos have been tested by a limited number of creators, so you may have already come across something similar.

This feature will be offered to all users in the coming weeks.

Source: TikTok Press Room


More information belowAs you’ve likely heard, TikTok is the latest social media sensation that has people across the globe hooked. The app is an entertainment platform that allows users to create and edit short videos within the app itself, and then share those videos with their network. The app has earned a large following of around 175 million users across the globe, and it’s easy to see why — these short videos are not only entertaining, but they’re also a great way to share moments with friends and family.. Read more about 3 minute tiktok and let us know what you think.

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