Google has announced that it will soon be adding information on the factors the Search team uses to determine how a given result will stack up against a user’s query. Shown in the screenshot below is that now after a search, users will see info about the number of pages that are included in the result, the importance of each page, and the confidence the search algorithm has in each page’s relevance.

Google is expanding the “About This Result” feature to help marketers understand how their efforts might be impacting their website’s search rankings.

Google has announced that it is rolling out a new feature to Google Search that provides more information about ranking factors—which could help you improve your site’s search rankings in the future. The new info includes the number of pages indexed by Google, the number of links pointing to your site, the amount of time your site has been indexed on the Web, and the likelihood of your site being included in the main index, as well as the number of webmasters that link to you and the number of pages that link to your site. The info is being made available in the “About This Result’ section in the search results page.. Read more about google about this result and let us know what you think.

Google is adding information about the elements that went into rating a page in search results to the ‘About This Result’ sidebar.

Searchers will now receive significantly more information about the results they’re seeing while browsing an About This Result panel, which will help them figure out which one is the most beneficial.

That’s what it gives regular searchers, but SEOs get a unique look at which ranking variables went into surfacing a specific page for a specific query.

For the query “how to cook fish in the oven,” here’s an example of an updated About This Result panel:

Underneath the “Your search & this result” heading you can see why a page was ranked for that query.


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Because of the following factors, Google surfaced that exact website in the example above:

  • Words in the query were matched with words on the page.
  • It looked for words on the page that were connected to the query.
  • The page’s content is written in the same language as the inquiry that was entered.
  • The website was especially relevant due to the searcher’s location in the United States.

The revised About This Result panel can now provide information about inbound connections in addition to highlighting matching phrases, related terms, and local relevance.

Another example is when the panel informs the searcher that “Other websites using your search criteria connect to this result.”

This article’s header image depicts a different form of an About This Result panel, which says that the photographs on the page were used as a relevancy factor.


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Google’s argument to searchers is that this data can be utilized to improve results by refining one’s query.

This panel provides approaches and settings that can be used to change searches to find more relevant webpages for everyday users.

According to Google’s announcement:

“For example, if you normally search in English but wish to discover results in a different language or from a different region, About This Result makes adjusting your preferences even easier.

You might try to rephrase your search. Assume you’re looking for the “greatest jogging sneakers.” While it’s normally beneficial for Google to return results for related terms, in this case “running shoes,” you’re looking for jogging-specific shoes.

About This Result will provide you advice on how to achieve to your desired outcome. You can use quotes around a word or phrase to receive results that specifically include those terms, or a minus sign to omit certain phrases from your search.”

This panel provides an interesting peek into how Google evaluates relevance on a per-result basis for marketers and SEOs.

Before today’s upgrade, About This Result merely showed you the content source and if the website’s connection was secure. It now has a variety of information concerning relevance signals.

This expansion is now available to 10% of eligible customers and will progressively expand to 100%. To begin, the larger panels are only available in English in the United States, with intentions to expand in the coming months.

Google is the source of this information.

Google is expanding the “About this result” page to include information on ranking factors in addition to the trending topics section, which allows users to better understand how Google measures and ranks topical results. The updated page also shows this information on top of the page, so that users don’t have to scroll down to view it.. Read more about about this result beta google and let us know what you think.

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