Want a way to make video marketing awesome? Try out the automated video creation tools detailed in this post. I’ve put together a list of 10 video creation tools, tips, and resources for marketers to get you started.

Some of us are just as busy as they are creative, while others have a little more time available to them. Either way, you can use these time saving tools to produce immediate results that are useful and can help you gain more control over the quality of your video creation process.

Creating video content can be a headache. I’ve got it.

Even for experienced marketers, creating engaging content is a challenge. The real challenge is to create that level of content on a regular basis.

That’s why we’re taking a closer look at automated video creation and some of the best tools your brand can use to develop its content strategy.

The point is that automated content doesn’t have to be terrible. If you are preparing for an hour-long talk, prepare small, quality materials as well.

All you have to do is repackage this valuable information and present it to your audience.

Here’s how.

What is automated video creation?

Automated video creation involves using video editing software to automatically create short, interesting videos that can be used to market and promote your content.

Let’s say you recorded and released a podcast to your audience this week. They got a decent turnout, but quickly noticed the problem. Many of your viewers don’t watch the entire podcast.

Some viewers like to sit back and absorb two hours of content at a time. Others want one-minute clips and are just not interested in long-form content. By identifying the main points and topics of your podcast, you can create clips and videos that are easier to digest. With a long and well-designed content, you also have the ability to use many future clips.

That’s where automatic video creation comes in. Make no mistake: There’s a big difference between linking to your podcast in your Instagram bio and posting a 45-second video with top-notch editing.

If you produce a number of long articles (interviews, podcasts, etc.) each week, sifting through hours of content to find highlights and memorable moments can quickly become time-consuming.

By automating this process, you can create high-quality personalized videos on a regular basis. This allows you to vary your content and quickly test unique marketing strategies. For example, you can quickly run several A/B tests or try two main moments against each other to see what resonates well with your audience.

5 tips for automated video creation

Before we look at specific tools for automated video creation, it’s important to understand how your automated video creation needs to evolve. Experienced marketers always develop a clear action plan for marketing initiatives. Here are some common control points for the automation process.

1. Prefer automated video creation

Before choosing a platform, determine your goals for video creation. If you want to test a particular format, you can find platforms that support such tests. Also, determine which features will be most useful to your team.

If your marketing team has little or no experience with automated video creation, a tool that focuses on usability can make the video creation process easier. Marketing teams with more experience creating videos may need automation tools that offer more customization options.

2. Decide on a platform

As you refine your search, carefully consider how each platform works. Some platforms offer limited opportunities to help brands with little or no video marketing budget. Other platforms want to support your marketing efforts from start to finish.

While many of these platforms are similar, they focus on different elements that can enhance content creation.

3. Upload your content

So you’ve set your video priorities and chosen a platform. Now you can really create your own content. Upload your video and let the program get to work.

If you want to automate the process as much as possible, you don’t need to do anything but confirm some changes. On the other hand, choosing a platform with a lot of depth means that you can customize your content quite easily.

4. Selection of visual elements

When editing video content, visual elements such as text animation effects can improve the quality. Other effects, such as. B. Overlays and moving images can be created with little effort with the right video making tools. Make sure your visual elements are consistent with your brand image.

5. Publish your content

Once you’ve set up your content and created a high-quality video, it’s time to send it live. Some tools even let you publish your content right after you edit it. Instead of logging into each of your brand’s social networks, automation allows you to post to all platforms at once.

10 tools for automated video creation

Now that you understand the process, it’s time to take a look at the tools available for automatic video creation. While many of these tools work in similar ways, each has special features that make it unique.

1. Moovly

Moovly prides itself on being an easy-to-use tool for automatically creating videos in your browser. Moreover, they provide a tool that does not require constant software updates or even design knowledge.

Need help with your video footage? You can help us. Want to experiment with a cartoon or doodle style? Moovly can also make such videos. If you’re looking for a simple solution with extensive customization options, Moovly could be the perfect tool for your brand.

2. Adobe

Adobe’s priority in video creation is efficiency. Using artificial intelligence technology, they save the user time and effort in editing. One of the most interesting features is autoreframing, which allows Adobe to automatically scale the subject of a widescreen video when exporting to social platforms.

Your AI also uses color matching and changes the colors and light levels of your content based on the reference point you set. To be clear, they don’t just copy a specific color reference point to your clips. Instead, the AI analyzes each selected fragment and optimizes it until it matches your reference point.

3. Vibbitz

Wibbitz is an automated video creation tool that speeds up the production process with many convenient templates and one-click solutions. Marketers in particular will appreciate the easy customization options. Wibbitz gives users access to logo watermarks, video intros and endings, text overlays, and a full-spectrum color palette.

With this automated video creation platform, you can maximize your audience’s reach by turning your best videos into effective videos for social media.

4. Kamua

Kamua, another browser-based tool, claims that its product will allow you to work almost 90% faster without any prior video editing experience. They also have automatic subtitles in over 60 languages, so you don’t have to spend hours transcribing content.

Kamua AutoCut basically automates video editing by finding points in your content and letting you decide what to leave behind. Plus, AutoCrop instantly turns your YouTube videos into TikTok videos.

5. Typito

If you have a modest marketing budget, Typito can be a great tool for automated video creation. Not only is it free to get started, but each of his plans is designed for a reasonable budget.

Of course, it’s worth finding out exactly what Typito has to offer. They offer a simple drag-and-drop editor and branding kit, as well as 600,000 free images and over 500 free templates.

6. Rocket

Rocketium knows that the digital media landscape is constantly changing. Such frequent changes require a flexible and precise approach to marketing. Therefore, Rocketium has two objectives. Eliminating repetitive creative work is their number one goal, eliminating the need for brands to create new content for new campaigns.

From there, Rocketium wants to make targeted marketing even easier. They use an AI writer to help you create the right images for different products and unique audiences. Teams with demanding content schedules should take a look at this tool.

7. Animator

Developing unique creative content within an automation tool may not seem like the best solution, but tools like Animaker prove that it can be done. Armed with their templates, you can create a video in five minutes, as their official website claims.


OFFEO’s profession can be divided into four subdivisions. Thanks to their virtually unlimited inventory, users have access to hundreds of models. OFFEO is easy to use and browser based. It allows you to animate your content and uses the skills of its professional designers to offer you high-quality animations.

9. Magisto

Magisto is a comprehensive video marketing tool that aims to help users at every stage of the marketing process. When it comes to creation, you can count on the help of a computer video editor.

Magisto allows you to host and distribute video content on your website using your own player. Take these optimized videos and then use engagement analytics to gain insight into your marketing initiatives.

10. InVideo

For those who don’t skimp on resources, InVideo offers fantastic free support for automated video creation. While some features are locked in with paid subscriptions, there are many tools available to users of the free plan.

You can export 60 videos per month of up to 15 minutes in length. Transcription is automatic, as are the more than 4,500 manually created templates. You even have access to brand presets, intros, outros and team collaboration.

If you are still unsure about which automated video creation tool to use, try InVideo and see how it improves your marketing efforts.

Questions and answers about automatic video creation

Can I automate video editing?

Of course you can! With artificial intelligence, you can automate video editing as much or as little as you want.

How do I automatically add subtitles to videos?

There are many tools that can do this for you, some of which support over 60 languages.

Do I need experience in video editing?

While this is certainly a plus, there are several user-friendly platforms that do not require editing or design expertise.

Do I have to pay for an automatic program to create videos?

Not always! Some tools are completely free; their only drawback is the lack of some important features.

Completion of automated video creation

Whatever your industry, there’s no denying that audiences need high-quality content. If your brand doesn’t regularly publish new and interesting information, you risk losing the attention of your audience.

Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, consider using an automated video creation platform to break down in-depth content into digestible clips to share on social media.

It may seem like a simple solution, but it’s a powerful way to provide more consistent content, expand your reach, and potentially create an authentic moment of engagement with your audience.

Why do you want to automate video creation? How do you think this helps your brand?

  • SEO – Unlocks a large amount of SEO traffic. To see real results.
  • Content marketing – our team creates epic content that gets shared, attracting links and traffic.
  • Paid media – effective paid strategies with a clear return on investment.


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