Twitter is planning to give users the ability to untag themselves from tweets in the app. This is the biggest change to the social network in years, as it will make it possible for users to remove their identity from a tweet. This could prove immensely popular among celebrities, who can tweet with their real names and still keep their privacy. However, if you are concerned about the state of your privacy on Twitter, there will be a way to opt out of this feature.

A few weeks ago, Twitter announced a feature to let you untag yourself on your tweets from within the Twitter app. The idea is that you’d be able to untag yourself from a tweet you posted, even if someone else had already retweeted the tweet. This would be a helpful feature for people who made a mistake and accidentally tweeted something they later regret. Or, for example, a person who tweeted something that contained a political or religious opinion they no longer support.

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to avoid mentioning themselves in others’ tweets. Dominic Camozzi, Twitter’s chief privacy officer, shared screenshots that showed how the feature might work to gather feedback before launch. The idea is to give Twitter users the ability to control unwanted attention by allowing them to remove their tags from conversations they don’t want to participate in. Here is an overview of the first drafts.

Do not mention yourself on Twitter

Twitter users will soon have a quick and easy way to disconnect their account from a tweet they don’t want to be associated with. In a previous version of Twitter, users could click on the menu icon with the three dots at the top of a tweet in which they were mentioned and choose to opt out of that conversation. Twitter Wants to Let Users Untag Themselves From Tweets The link to the user’s Twitter profile is removed from the tweet and no longer disturbs. View More information below

Manage mentions of people you don’t follow

When users are mentioned in tweets from accounts they do not follow, they receive a special notification. Users can cancel self-reference by clicking Cancel Self-Reference on the Notification tab. If you select this option, the person who posted the tweet is not notified when the tags are removed. Twitter Wants to Let Users Untag Themselves From Tweets If users remove mentions of themselves in the tweets of people they do not follow, the author will not be able to mention that user in the future. View More information below

Proactively prohibitentries

Users can actively manage their entries by restricting specific accounts through the new settings screen. It will also be possible to only allow entries from people the user is following. For complete peace of mind, users can even suspend all mentions of each other for a set period of time. Twitter Wants to Let Users Untag Themselves From Tweets When selecting the option to pause all entries, the user can choose between intervals of one day, three days, or seven days. View More information below

Controlled ground inputs

Finally, Twitter wants to make provisions for when users receive a large number of mentions at once. Twitter first alerts the user when it receives a large number of mentions. This may be useful for those who have disabled push notifications for entries. The alert shows how many tweets the user has been mentioned in and by how many users. From there, they can view the tweets and take action if necessary. Twitter Wants to Let Users Untag Themselves From Tweets This is perhaps where the ability to suspend all entries will be most useful. View More information below


It’s not yet clear when the Unmenting feature will be available, but it will certainly be rolled out at some point when Twitter deems it ready for use. Since the purpose of this preview is to gather feedback, the final product may differ from what is seen in these screenshots. Currently, the only ways to deal with unwanted attention on Twitter are to block the account, make your account private, or choose the mute option. None of these solutions are ideal if you just want to get away from the tweet. And muting a call does not remove the entry, it just prevents further notifications. View More information below Users can depersonalize photos on Twitter, so it would be nice if they could depersonalize regular tweets as well. Source: Dominic Camozzi

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