Google today unveiled new travel tools to help travel and hospitality businesses better understand how to reach and engage with the right customers. The Google Travel Insights are part of the Google Analytics 360 suite of tools, which includes Google Analytics 360 for Analytics, Google Analytics 360 for Search, Google Analytics 360 for YouTube, Google Analytics 360 for Social, and Google AdWords 360, a suite of tools designed to help marketers better understand the economics of their ad campaigns.

The world’s most popular search engine Google has launched a new tool for travel marketers. It helps marketers test and optimize their website for the key search terms they want to rank for. Google’s new tool is aimed at helping travel websites grow and it will be available in February.

Google launches free tools to help travel professionals make more informed decisions based on destination and hotel search data.

According to Google, global searches for Where to, Can I Go and Travel Restrictions have reached record highs.

To provide tourism businesses and members of the travel industry with the information they need to recover from the pandemic, Google has developed a suite of tools that provide real-time insight into travel demand.

Google began testing these travel search tools in the Asia-Pacific region last December. Travel Insights with Google has now launched in the US.

Today we are launching Travel Insights with Google in the US, in partnership with Destinations International and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). Together, we will make these tools available to the tourism industry in the U.S. and around the world, with training materials designed specifically for destination organizations and hotel marketing professionals.


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Travel Insights with Google includes a total of four tools: the following

  • Information material about the destination
  • Hotel overviews
  • Facts about the target
  • Determining the volume of demand

Here’s more information on each of these tools and what they can do for marketers.

Insight into destination

Google Launches Free Search Insights Tools For Travel Marketers

Destination Insights provides a clear picture of the main sources of demand for each destination.

This tool allows you to enter a country of origin, a country of destination and a date range, and view the travel dates for that destination.


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If you have z. B. By setting the country of origin to the world and the country of destination to the US, you can find out where the applicant is from and what cities they want to visit.

In this case, the biggest demand for travel to the US comes from applicants in North America, and the most sought after cities are Las Vegas, New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Since Google began testing these tools last year, they have helped tourism authorities in countries like Singapore and Indonesia answer important questions when making decisions about reopening borders.


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As part of its global expansion, Google recently launched localized versions of Travel Insights with Google in Asia and Europe, including Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Croatia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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