When fax is in the news, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. We don’t want to think about who used fax in a bad way in the past, and the same is true when we think about the future. This is why we want to focus on what fax can do in the future rather than what it has done in the past.

Faxing can be a pain, but it’s still a popular practice among small businesses and consumers alike. And with good reason: it’s cheaper and easier than printing and getting a courier, and it’s a great way to send documents and invoices to clients and customers. However, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

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Do you want to skip over the reading and get straight to my #1 recommendation? Overall, Nextiva wins, but FaxBurner wins if you simply want to send, receive, or sign a fax right now for free.

I utilize an online fax service that allows me to send and receive documents from my phone or laptop.

There is no need to purchase or maintain any equipment. I also don’t have to pay for an expensive conventional phone line since my fax service works via the internet.

It’s also simpler to remain organized. Every fax that I get is a digital document. If I need to, I can print it out, or I can store the fax like any other file. It’s never an issue for me to locate it afterwards.

“Neil, that all sounds good—but what about a company that relies on faxing every day?” you may ask.

Even more incentive, in my opinion, to use an online fax service. You may eliminate the need for toner cartridges and become paperless. Help the environment while also saving money.

I’ve included evaluations of the top seven online fax providers, as well as a quick advice on how to choose the best one for you. Continue reading and you’ll never have to worry about faxing again.

#1 – Nextiva vFax Review – Best for Offices with Varying Faxing Requirements

Low-usage online fax providers have a significant gap. Some carriers’ cheapest plan allows for hundreds of faxes per month, while others provide free or low-cost plans that only cover a few dozen faxes per month.

What if your requirements don’t cleanly fit into one of the volume categories? How can you obtain the greatest deal if you need to send hundreds of faxes for a few months but only use it a few times a year?

vFax, Nextiva’s independent internet fax service, is a good choice.

With no yearly commitment, they offer one of the best monthly prices available. For just $9.95 per month, you can receive up to 500 pages. That’s on a monthly basis (the cost drops to $7.95 per month if you pay for a year in advance).

So, with no contract and one of the lowest prices in the industry, you can be certain that Nextiva vFax can handle your peak faxing times while not becoming a burden when you don’t need it.

If you just need to fax from Q4 to tax season, for example, you may pay per month for vFax and then turn it off during the slower summer months. There are no consequences for doing so, and you may resume service when October rolls around again.

Simply upgrade to the Professional vFax package if you require more than 500 pages per month at that time. That’s just $18.95 per month (on a month-to-month basis with no commitment) for up to 1,000 pages.

If you require your faxes to be HIPAA compliant, Nextiva will provide a bespoke quotation for you.

If your faxing requirements fluctuate a lot during the year, get the best price for your office. Nextiva vFax is the way to go.

#2 – RingCentral Fax Review – The Best for Fax-Heavy Offices

If you and your workers send faxes on a regular basis, I would strongly consider RingCentral Fax. Regardless of how many pages you need to transmit, large-volume faxing is very cost-effective and simple to handle.

RingCentral allows you to buy online fax as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger package.

Let’s start with RingCentral Fax 1500, which is a single fax plan. This equates to about 50 pages each day, or 1,500 pages per month. You can only have one user per account, however you may have up to 25 trusted email addresses. That is crucial.

In a busy workplace, it’s like replacing and simplifying a single fax machine.

RingCentral MVP is for offices who recognize that 50 pages a day isn’t going to bring them close to where they need to go. Along with one of the finest business phone systems, you receive limitless online faxing.

You receive unlimited voice and video calling, business texting, and team messaging in addition to unlimited faxing.

The issue has been resolved.

This is where RingCentral sets itself apart from the other excellent online fax providers I looked at. None of the others offer anything like that, therefore RingCentral is your best option if you need more communication technology than simply online faxing.

Even if you just need fax service, no one else provides an unlimited number of faxes at such a cheap price.

Getting fax via a well-known communications provider like RingCentral provides peace of mind in and of itself, whether you need the unlimited service or not. You’re connected to a secure network and have access to knowledgeable customer service through the web and phone.

It isn’t something you need on a regular basis. It’s great to have someone to contact at 4:30 on Friday when the title agency is waiting for that signature.

The service is contemporary and well-designed, as one would expect. The RingCentral mobile app may be used to operate a call center, and it can even handle faxes. Documents may be photographed and faxed directly from your phone.

The web app, like email, is easy to use. RingCentral’s sophisticated administration interface is another significant benefit. Even if you have several locations or remote workers, it’s simple to add new users or phone numbers and keep track of everything.

RingCentral’s App Gallery has a ton of connections with major cloud storage providers including Box, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

If you have a lot of faxes to monitor, these integrations will save you a lot of time and make your processes much easier. Faxes should be stored and archived just like any other document.

Emphasize the advantages: it’s simple to use, integrate into processes, and remain organized. Faxes should be stored and archived just like any other document.

So, how much does all of this set you back?

If you sign up for a year, RingCentral Fax 1500 costs $17.99 per user per month, or $22.99 per month if you pay month to month. Each month, you receive 1,500 free pages, after which it’s 4.9 per page.

You may also choose for RingCentral MVP, which includes unlimited faxing and eliminates the need to worry about how many pages you send.

Look no farther if you’re looking for a fax and business phone solution in one. RingCentral MVP is a full-featured communication platform that includes a business phone number and conference calling, allowing you to keep everyone updated on a transaction while faxing from the same app.

RingCentral can handle HIPAA-compliant faxing, but you’ll need to contact your account manager to get it set up. This is why I suggest SRFax to businesses in need of a compliant solution.

RingCentral’s simplicity and clear pricing will appeal to regular faxers. For 15 days, you may try RingCentral Fax or RingCentral MVP for free.

#3 – mFax Review – Hybrid Offices’ Best Friend

For offices that can’t go fully cloud, mFax is the complete answer. Some businesses need to operate with hard copies and wish to retain their fax machines and multifunction printers.

You may have the best of both worlds with mFax. Not only will that equipment function, but it will perform even better, and you will never have to pay for costly phone lines again.

Online fax often use the same VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology that is used for audio and video communications. This makes it easier to combine services, but mFax has developed a dedicated fax network, so you’ll receive greater quality and dependability.

The plug-and-play FaxBridge hardware adapter is another significant advantage for hybrid workplaces utilizing mFax. Connect any fax machine to the internet in seconds and send incoming faxes straight to email.

The FaxBridge, which connects all of your fax gear to the new cloud system, is simple to set up. Because everything will be done via the internet, you won’t have to pay for a costly conventional phone connection.

In other words, you receive the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-based service without having to change your business model. Users may use the FaxBridge to connect to the devices they require, or work straight from their email or browser.

Every fax is saved automatically in the company’s cloud storage service, mDrive. The first GB of storage is free, and you may tag faxes to make storage and retrieval much simpler.

mFax is highly secure, regardless of how you store or send your papers. It complies with GLBA, SOX, and PCI. mFax will sign a BAA and will provide purpose-built solutions for the healthcare, legal, and financial services industries.

Whether their workers are at the office, working from home, or on the move, any business can feel totally secure with mFax. Although there is no mobile app, the browser-based access is adaptable to screen size and as safe.

The Documo Suite comprises mFax and mDrive, as well as mSign, a low-cost eSignature solution. The whole suite is easy to use, whether you simply want to fax or require signatures. If you teach someone once, they will be OK for the rest of their lives.

There are a variety of plans to choose from:

The Solo plan, in my view, is a bit of a misnomer. With a monthly page limit of 250, this may be all that a small office needs. Of course, with Solo, you only get one user, which may be a limitation for certain businesses.

You receive five users and access to an admin portal with the Team plan, which helps everyone remain organized. One of my favorite features of mFax is that the cost of adding users and phone lines lowers as you go through the price levels. Likewise, the expense of the overage.

The price each extra phone number has fallen to $2 by the time you reach the Infinity plan, which is less than half the cost of competing suppliers.

Another benefit of mFax is its US-based customer service, which is useful if anything goes wrong or for workers who need assistance while working from home.

Like no other solution I looked at, mFax can assist the hybrid workplace. mFax provides the technology to make faxing safe and cheap, regardless of how many offices or machines you have.

Try mFax for 14 days for free with no strings attached.

#4 – HelloFax Review – The Best for Small Businesses

HelloFax is a safe and secure online fax solution designed for today’s cloud workplace.

Yes, all of the solutions I’ve looked at are cloud-based. However, HelloFax has characteristics that make it particularly attractive to businesses who can’t rely on in-person encounters to keep things moving.

Let’s take the capacity to sign papers as an example. Every HelloFax plan comes with it (including the free one). Many internet fax providers won’t allow you sign documents or would charge you extra if you do.

HelloFax also allows you to modify documents, which is a feature that many other alternatives lack. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Fix small document mistakes right away, rather than seven emails later.

This is a huge issue for the remote office. People can’t simply go in and correct a spelling error or sign something they forgot. HelloFax solves the issue without the need for white-out rage.

Although the lack of a mobile app may seem to be a disadvantage, HelloFax does not need one. The web app is simple, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. You can use your phone to snap photos and send faxes just like any other app.

HelloFax also offers an infinite amount of online storage. Everyone, no matter where they are, will have access to sent faxes.

You may also utilize HelloFax’s cloud storage connections with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive as an alternative.

You decide how you want to keep things organized, and HelloFax will help you achieve your goals.

The price isn’t cheap, but it’s fair considering that every subscription includes an eSignature solution and limitless storage.

The free subscription only allows you to use the web app and send up to five faxes. FaxBurner’s freemium plan, which allows you to receive faxes, is more restricted. Even so, it’s a great option if you need to send a fax with a signature but don’t want to pay for it.

More pages and the capacity to receive faxes are included in upgraded subscriptions. You’ll be able to fax straight from your email, and you’ll be able to fax several people at once.

It isn’t the lowest plan available, but it is comprehensive. HelloFax can handle a broad variety of file and picture formats. In terms of being able to modify and sign your papers, you also get greater power. HelloFax is an excellent option for a remote office that already works in the cloud.

Start for free now, or try one of the premium plans for 30 days for free.

#5 – SRFax Review – The Best Faxing Service for Regulated Documents

SRFax is an excellent choice for companies concerned about security and compliance.

The danger of interception is always there when sending information over the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big corporation or a tiny one—a single hacked document may lead to an expensive lawsuit or punishment.

SRFax complies with or surpasses all of the National Security Agency’s, National Institute of Standards and Technology’s, and Council on Cybersecurity’s security guidelines. It’s the safest faxing method available.

SRFax provides inexpensive security for companies who need to fax on a regular basis, with plans beginning at $3.29. For businesses that need a large number of pages, plans scale up to competitive price-per-page rates.

Anyone who has to fax documents in accordance with laws, whether it’s a solo psychiatric practice, a 10-person dental office, the state’s largest hospital, or a global law company, may choose an SRFax plan that meets the bill.

SRFax’s main selling point is security. Similar to Google and Amazon Web Services, the company’s data centers are password-protected. Encryption is always turned on, ensuring the safety of your fax from your device to the receiver and back.

You may fax with full confidence no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Before you get any PDF or TIFF, it is checked for malware. There’s no reason to be concerned about opening that file.

For lenders, attorneys, and other professions who have clients who fax papers in, this is a huge issue. Because not everyone has a fax machine, it’s fairly unusual for an office to receive a fax from a public library, a print-and-copy shop, or another network with questionable security.

SRFax has a set of options for healthcare providers that must adhere to HIPAA rules and will sign a business partner agreement (BAA). Audit trails and automatic deletion are among the characteristics of the purpose-built online fax platform that make compliance simpler.

SRFax has you covered no matter what type of restrictions you’re up against.

Standard, Healthcare, and Enterprise are the three main types of plans available.

There are a total of six Standard plans available. The Basic plan has a lot of limitations. For just $3.29 each month, you get 25 pages. If you just need to fax sometimes but want a secure alternative, this is an excellent choice.

Basic Plus is the next level up, and it includes unlimited storage, unlimited outgoing users, and up to $200 in monthly pages.

Standard plans start at $45.95 per month and go up to Professional, which includes 2,500 pages per month. This is a better bargain at scale than mFax, which offers similar security.

Looking at the Healthcare plans, which are HIPAA-compliant, you may obtain a plan for the small office for as little as $7.95 per month. Although there is a limit of 200 pages per month, costs remain very low when you go to the higher plans, which may handle up to 20,000 pages each month.

Enterprise subscriptions, which start at 5,000 pages per month, are also available through SRFax. You receive an unlimited number of approved email accounts, as well as free PGP encryption and OCR (OCR).

You’ll be able to search the text of papers you faxed using OCR, making document retrieval much simpler.

SRFax is my first choice for any company that needs to transmit secure faxes.

You may try it out for free for 60 days, which is longer than the few weeks you receive with most services.

#6 – Review of FaxBurner – The Best Free Online Fax Service

FaxBurner is a popular online and mobile faxing tool. It has received a 4.9-star rating on the App Store, with over 14,000 reviews.

It’s ideal for someone who wants to fax urgently.

To begin with, you may fax a limited amount of pages for free.

Second, a FaxBurner account may be created in less than 30 seconds.

It has a lot of positive feedback.

Users are thankful for FaxBurner whether they are faxing an absentee vote request or attempting to get an essential tax paperwork before a deadline.

That’s correct, unlike other freemium services, FaxBurner’s free plan allows you to send and receive faxes.

Once you’ve created your free FaxBurner account, you’ll be able to send and receive up to 25 pages for free. You’ll either have to pay per page or increase your plan after that.

FaxBurner provides you with a temporary number that is valid for 24 hours when you wish to utilize your free fax. If you don’t use all of your free faxes, you may request a different number later.

You may send faxes from your phone or through email. Photograph the page you wish to fax. That’s all there is to it.

You’re not trying to figure anything out in the middle of a difficult circumstance or worried about whether or not your paper will arrive. So you know for sure, FaxBurner gives you a notice.

Another great feature is the ability to sign papers directly from your mobile app. This is a good option if you need a free internet fax service with digital signatures. There’s no need to go for a printer to sign.

I haven’t spent much time discussing the premium FaxBurner plans since it’s my top choice in the freemium category.

These plans may be a fantastic fit for a mobile-first business. There isn’t a web app. Faxing may be done using your email or a mobile device. You can see all of your faxes sent from the mobile app, or connect FaxBurner with Dropbox.

HelloFax is my top pick for the remote office since it offers a broader variety of integrations and more robust document editing and signature capabilities.

If those aspects aren’t a concern for you, FaxBurner, which offers greater page limitations at a cheaper cost than HelloFax, is a good option.

FaxBurner should be your first and final choice if you’re simply searching for a free method to fax. Send and receive faxes for free in only a few minutes.

FaxBurner is available for free now, or you may subscribe to a premium subscription. They will return your money if you are not pleased during the first 30 days of service.

#7 – MetroFax Review – Best Way to Fax 500+ Pages per Month at the Lowest Price

Check out MetroFax if you’re searching for the greatest bang for your money.

The business has some of the most affordable prices per page of any online fax service. There are no setup fees or fees for canceling your subscription early; simply worry-free, low-cost faxing.

The greatest aspect about the low cost is that the service is everything from cheap. You’ll receive a fully functional mobile app, a local or toll-free phone number, and the option to fax in over 170 countries.

A single fax may include up to 10 documents totalling up to 18 MB. Other companies allow you to send bigger faxes, however this is one of the few disadvantages.

The majority of popular document and picture formats are supported by MetroFax. Spreadsheets, for example, are no issue to transmit.

I appreciate how Metrofax automatically retries unsuccessful transmissions twice and lets you know when your fax has been received.

Another cost-cutting feature is the ability to add up to five email addresses to a single Metrofax account. Rather of purchasing numerous memberships, you may build up a small team for a cheap fee.

There are no hidden costs. There are no additional fees. It isn’t the most attractive platform available, but it provides the necessary dependability and security. Metrofax is used by ADP, Allstate, and US Bank to keep expenses low.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be receiving.

For $8.30 per month, you may fax up to 500 pages with the Essentials plan. For the same amount of pages, this is cheaper than SRFax and FaxBurner, two of the other more cost-effective alternatives I looked at.

For a few bucks extra, you can upgrade to the Best Value plan, which gives you twice as many pages. MetroFax begins to stand out at this point. With mFax, 1,000 pages would cost $50 a month, which is five times more costly.

You receive a low overage charge of 3 per page with whatever plan you choose. That is the best deal you will discover.

MetroFax provides excellent month-to-month pricing for businesses concerned about the commitment or hefty upfront cost of a subscription. Best Value now costs $12.95 a month, the same as FaxBurner but with double the page limit.

RingCentral’s unlimited fax subscription becomes the better bargain at a certain volume. However, if you don’t consistently reach such high figures, it may not be the most cost-effective option.

Metrofax’s Professional package gives you 2,500 pages each month, or around 80 pages per day. If you live in that area, Metrofax may be a better option than RingCentral.

When you put it all up—the minimal overage costs, the flexibility to connect numerous emails to a single account—you have one of the most cost-effective methods to get your faxes from point A to point B.

It isn’t the most feature-rich platform, but if you’re looking for a low-cost online fax service, this is a good place to start.

Before you pay anything, you may try MetroFax for 14 days for free.

What I Looked for While I Was Looking for the Best Online Fax Service

Online fax is only used in a few businesses. It’s something they need to communicate with certain suppliers or consumers, but it’s not a vital component of their operation.

Other businesses need a dependable online fax solution that can be used by various departments.

In any case, you’ll want something that’s simple to use when you need it. Every online fax provider I’ve chosen allows you to send and receive faxes through the web, email, or mobile device.

Some of the freemium plans may have limitations in this area, but if you pay for one of these services, you will have the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

But which of these services would best suit your requirements and budget? Let’s take a closer look at the key factors to consider while evaluating my top choices.

Fax Volume on a Monthly Basis

How much faxing do you do? You should have a good idea of how many pages you transmit and receive each month through fax.

FaxBurner and HelloFax both provide a limited number of free faxes if you simply want to send a fax at random. However, only FaxBurner allows you to receive free faxes.

You’ll need to pay for a premium plan if faxing is a frequent component of your company. There will be a monthly limit on the amount of pages you may fax. You’ll be charged an overage fee if you go over that limit, which is usually a few cents per page.

Fortunately, a variety of services and plans are available, so you should be able to discover one that meets your requirements.

There are low-cost options with minimal monthly limitations that are ideal for businesses that need to transmit faxes on a regular basis. SRFax’s Basic plan is the most affordable, starting at $3.29 a month for 25 faxes****.

Hundreds or thousands of pages are included in high-volume fax plans before overages kick in. These plans are more expensive and may need an annual subscription, but they make a lot of sense for businesses that fax often.

At large volume, Metrofax and RingCentral offer plans with extremely low price-per-page rates. The RingCentral MVP subscription includes unlimited faxing, so you don’t have to worry about page limitations.

Phone Numbers and Users

Do you need a single fax line for your business? Or do you need several phone numbers so that each person may handle their own faxing?

FaxBurner will provide you with a temporary phone number that you may use to send and receive faxes for free. FaxBurner gives you a permanent number and a lot more pages if you increase your subscription.

If you just need one fax number but want a large number of people to be able to utilize it, I suggest SRFax, MetroFax, or RingCentral. Multiple emails may use a single fax line with these providers.

SRFax offers unlimited outgoing users on all plans save the entry-level one, and extra lines are just $4.95 apiece. Because each line has so many customers, that pricing is pretty typical, and you won’t need a lot of numbers to get everyone on board.

I suggest mFax to businesses who need a large number of individual numbers since the price decreases as the company grows. Higher-tier contracts provide savings on adding users and lines, with the Infinity tier offering as little as $2 per extra phone number.

Requirements for documentation

When it comes to your document needs, though, there’s more to consider than simply security.

If you just need to fax PDFs, any choice will suffice; but, depending on the provider, other formats may not be supported.

Check each vendor’s services against your requirements. RingCentral and mFax can handle a wide variety of file formats and kinds, including almost every sort of document you might transmit.

You should also be aware of page length restrictions, particularly if you’re looking at freemium or low-cost alternatives. Some of these plans include a restriction on how many pages you may transmit, which might be problematic for lengthy papers.

Companies that utilize fax on a regular basis need to be able to do more than simply transmit and receive messages. They may need to be able to:

  • Fax documents may be edited
  • Include a cover page.
  • Digital signatures may be added and accepted.

These functions are very beneficial since they remove unnecessary processes and the requirement for third-party services to complete the task.

One of the reasons I enjoy HelloFax so much is that it has advanced document editing and digital singing capabilities. When there are small changes or missing signatures, this saves everyone a lot of time.

Explain why these characteristics remove the need for extra processes and services. Thanks to HelloFax’s convenient editing capabilities, everyone saves time when small changes slow down an approval.

Security & Privacy Regulations

Do you fax personal information, such as social security numbers, medical records, or financial information? If that’s the case, be sure your online fax service can manage the necessary requirements.

All of the choices I chose are now safe, and the businesses have taken every care to guarantee that faxes are not intercepted or stolen.

However, certain internet fax services have been designed to adhere to particularly stringent standards, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for healthcare and GLBA (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act) for financial services.

If your business is subject to these (or other) laws, ensure sure your online fax service is up to date.

SRFax is my first choice since the business has gone above and beyond to guarantee the security and privacy of its service. If you’re concerned about compliance, mFax is another excellent choice.

Both of these businesses have strategies in place to deal with HIPAA, GLBA, the credit card industry, and other laws. They’ll also sign a business associate agreement (BAA), which shields your firm from government regulators’ fury in the event anything goes wrong.

Use an online fax provider that will sign a BAA if you require HIPAA-compliant online fax.

Archiving of Documents

If you’re sending and automatically digitizing documents using an online fax service, it should also provide document preservation. This means that every fax should be simple to save, retrieve, and distribute.

Some internet fax providers have online databases that allow customers to store faxed documents quickly.

SRFax is an excellent choice for archiving since each subscription includes limitless storage. You may also tag faxes, which makes filing and retrieving them much simpler.

HelloFax also provides unrestricted storage. There are limitations with other suppliers, depending on the plan you select.

Integration with the cloud storage services you currently use is one thing to look for. RingCentral, mFax, HelloFax, and FaxBurner all have popular product connectors.

DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services will allow you to store and transmit faxes directly.

This will simplify processes and allow everyone to remain organized while doing less effort. Additionally, you may use these platforms’ excellent search features to locate files faster.


When it comes to online fax services, you have a lot of choices. Quite a bit.

My suggestions are all excellent, but one of them is likely to work better for you than the others. To summarize:

  1. Nextiva — Ideal for workplaces with sporadic faxing requirements.
  2. RingCentral Fax – Ideal for businesses that send a lot of faxes.
  3. mFax is the best option for hybrid workplaces.
  4. HelloFax is the best fax service for remote workplaces.
  5. Most often used for faxing regulated papers is SRFax.
  6. The best free online faxing service is FaxBurner.
  7. MetroFax – The cheapest method to fax 500 or more pages per month is via MetroFax.

It everything boils down to what you need. HelloFax will appeal to completely remote workplaces, whereas mFax will appeal to hybrid offices.

There is no better bargain than Nextiva if you need to fax a lot for a portion of the year but never have to for the rest.

RingCentral can function well in either scenario, but it’s only a worthwhile investment for businesses that fax a lot of pages each month.

SRFax is ideal for businesses in the healthcare, financial services, and other industries where faxing sensitive information is routine. You get access to always-on security and technologies that assist your workers in staying in compliance with laws.

Metrofax is a good deal. It doesn’t have all of the features of other services, but it does a good job of handling basic faxing needs at a reasonable price.

I also suggest FaxBurner if you’re searching for the finest free online fax service. Free to send, receive, and sign a few faxes.

What service do you use to transmit faxes via the internet?

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There are many reasons to use online faxing services, but you need to make sure that you choose the best one. Not only should the company you choose to use for faxing be easy to work with, but you also need to make sure that the fax arrives in a timely manner and that the paper quality is good.. Read more about google fax and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a safe online fax service?

A safe online fax service is a company that does not have any hidden fees or charges. They also offer a free trial to test their services before you sign up for anything.

How do I send a fax in 2023?

The fax machine is no longer in use.

Which fax app is the best?

The best fax app is the one that works for you.

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