A great way to start an e-commerce campaign is by encouraging customers to share their experience. It’s simple. If you’re an e-commerce brand and you’re doing a giveaway, you can ask customers to share their opinions about your product or service on Instagram.

Buying a product online can be a frustrating experience. You see what you want online, order it, but then it never arrives (or it does arrive but the packaging is damaged). Some sites are so slow that you get impatient and cancel the order. Others mislead you and charge you for an item you didn’t buy. The result is you spend less time on the site, and more time worrying about the product not arriving and the fact you are being ripped off.

There are many tips on using Instagram as an effective online marketing tool, but scaling your e-commerce brand on Instagram can be difficult if you’re a new brand that doesn’t have many followers yet.

New accounts often have a low engagement rate, which can be frustrating, but there are ways to strategically address this period.

Let’s take a look at why Instagram is important as a marketing tool, how it can help you grow your business, and what are effective strategies to grow your e-commerce brand even if you don’t have any followers.


Why Instagram is a powerful e-commerce tool

Today, 81% of people use Instagram to find products and services to buy. Therefore, using strategies that stand out from your competitors and attract potential customers to your e-commerce Instagram page can help you reach a wider audience.

To do this, you need to understand what makes Instagram a powerful e-commerce tool.

Studies show that we remember more of what we see in photos and videos than what we read in plain text. This makes visually oriented platforms like Instagram an important marketing tool.

On Instagram, you can upload product photos, share demo videos, collaborate with influencers, connect with interested followers and increase ROI.

This way, you can grow your ecommerce business faster than with marketing only through Facebook and Twitter (which have half as much engagement as Instagram).

10 ways to grow your e-commerce brand on Instagram

Now we know that Instagram has a lot to offer marketers of all levels, but how do you take advantage of it if you don’t have any followers?

Don’t worry about it. Here are some doable strategies you can use today to increase your followers on Instagram.

Interacting with comments and evaluating feedback

Having a large number of subscribers is useless if you don’t interact with them. The best way to get and keep a large number of followers is to interact with potential customers.

It only takes a few minutes to interact with users, but it can dramatically increase your sales.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Enable notifications for all comments.
  2. Respond to every comment you receive, whether positive or negative. This will increase the interest in your posts.
  3. Review the feedback and see if there are areas you can improve.
  4. Thank you to the users who take the time to respond to your posts.
  5. Don’t be stingy in the comment sections, even if you disagree with the user’s opinion. This will help you make a positive impression online.


If you don’t know how to get started, look at what your competitors are doing.

Your competitors have already been successful in gathering a large base of interested subscribers. You can use this to your advantage.


All you have to do to get your own followers is go to your competitors’ Instagram profiles and steal their audience.

You should already have a pretty good idea of who your competitors are. If you don’t know, try using Instagram’s discovery tool to find popular accounts in your area.

You can also search for keywords and hashtags related to your brand to get started. The first accounts related to this keyword should appear.

Arranging gifts in exchange for a commitment

Instagram giveaways can be a great way to attract users. You may have seen a few in your feed.

They usually say: Like this post and tag a friend to win a free product, but this strategy may not be the most effective way to get real followers.

Contests often attract people who want free stuff and are willing to like your photos to get it.

Instead, ask users to upload photos of your e-commerce brand on Instagram or follow your page. When asking users to post content, make sure you share a branded hashtag so more users know about it.

Start by announcing your contest with an Instagram post. Include the rules in the description so that participants know how to participate in the contest.

If you need help finding gift ideas, use a tool like Woobox. This tool helps brands of all sizes create social media contests that drive sales, increase followers and attract leads.

Instead of prices that have nothing to do with your niche or brand, like. B. a free iPad, offering your own products for free. Otherwise, people might only follow you for the price and not for your brand.

Post user-generated content (UGC)

If you want to increase engagement, make it a habit to publish user-generated content. It can be as simple as asking users to provide feedback on your product in exchange for a free sample.

You can also run larger contests for user-generated content, where dozens (or hundreds) of users share their experiences related to your product and industry. This can help you attract new users that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

Customising and optimising your shop

Giveaways and hashtags may be easier than having your own well-optimized store, but they’re not more important.

Additionally, an easy to navigate and memorable storefront can increase your sales.

Here are some ways to set up and optimize your Instagram e-commerce store for maximum visibility.

  1. Offer promotions directly on the photo or in the first line of the description, so users don’t have to scroll.
  2. Add shopping links to your photos so customers can buy your product directly.
  3. Keep descriptions simple, crisp, and clear so that new users can quickly get an idea of what your e-commerce brand is all about on Instagram.
  4. Add links to your store on other channels, for example. B. in the description (or bio) on Instagram, on the website, on other social media pages, and in the email signature.

Create a branded hashtag

An easy way to find out who is talking about your online store on Instagram is to create your own hashtag. You can use your company name, an existing slogan or any other creative expression.

Then, let your customers know about the tag by adding it to your bio and asking your followers to use it in their posts.

You can then search by hashtags to quickly find and share user-generated content. You should also add these tags to your images to remind your subscribers.

For example, if you search on the tag #topshop, you’ll see millions of photo results with popular user-generated content related to that brand.

User-generated images not only increase your brand awareness, but also give other Instagram users the chance to gain more followers. It’s a win-win situation.

Customer experience priority

Sometimes you can do everything right and still not get satisfactory results. You’ve used all the right hashtags, interacted with your customers, and created tons of user-generated content, but you still haven’t sold much.


Maybe it’s because your customer experience is lacking.

The easier it is for users to find, browse and purchase items in your store, the more sales you can generate.

A simple way to increase your sales is to make customer experience a priority.

How easy is it for Instagram users to find your website or buy your products? Is your store easy to navigate? Do you have an alternative text for your images? Can you answer the questions quickly?

It may not seem like much, but good customer service can help you find customers for life.

Work with influencers in your niche

Influential Instagram users are those with a large number of followers and a high level of engagement.

Why are they important to your e-commerce business on Instagram?

They can help you increase the reach of your brand. These people have hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of followers who are interested in what these authorities have to say.

So, if they recommend your product in their account, you are more likely to see your sales increase.

How can you partner with influencers to grow your e-commerce business on Instagram?

Find influencers and key accounts in your niche. For example, if you are a cosmetics company, contact beauty bloggers and ask them to write an article about the product.

When a user provides an email address on their profile or mentions something like DM for business inquiries, it usually means they are interested in sharing sponsored posts.

Ask via email or DM what the standard rates are for sponsored posts. Try to build a relationship with these users.

If they are willing to work with your competitor, they may also be willing to work with you.

Next, create a spreadsheet where you compare the number of subscribers to each account, the cost per post, the CPM, the average number of likes per post, and the number of subscribers divided by the average number of likes per post.

Choose the account(s) with the highest return and lowest cost.

If you are selling an original or unique product, it is better to ask for a review instead of an article about the product.

Don’t think you necessarily have to pick very famous names. Sometimes micro-influencers with a few thousand followers have a better return on investment because they have a more targeted audience.

Use of product labels

Another way to improve the shopping experience is to use product tags to boost e-commerce sales on Instagram.

Product labels allow users to purchase products directly from the application without having to go through many steps.

This makes it easier for them to buy, especially if they are browsing on the go (like most of us).

Creating product collections

Instagram is working on user-friendly shopping interfaces to increase engagement in e-commerce.

In addition to handy features like product tags, Instagram has introduced product collections where users can see products in a similar category.

This image from a company’s Instagram blog shows that product collections make it easy to find what you need by scrolling through striking product photos.

Instagram e-commerce question-and-answer

Do I have to pay to have an online store on Instagram?

Creating an Instagram account with your products is free, but you may have to spend on advertising, shipping, taxes, transaction fees and other tools to make the sale.

How do I know if I can create an e-commerce store on Instagram?

Instagram has published an official compliance guide on its help page. The rules include having a legitimate product, being in a favorable market, and providing reliable information about your business.

How many followers do you need to shop on Instagram?

Unlike the 10,000 follower rule for the swipe feature in Instagram Stories, anyone can access Instagram’s e-commerce features, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

Do you need a website to sell on Instagram?

Yes, according to Instagram’s e-commerce rules, your business must have a website domain on which you plan to sell your products to qualify for an Instagram store.

Completion of Instagram’s e-commerce guidelines

Building an e-commerce business on Instagram won’t happen overnight, but it is possible.

Start with these strategies to get your business off the ground, then look for tools, tips and strategies to make your first sale.

Which of these Instagram e-commerce tips are you going to try today?

  • SEO – Unlocks a large amount of SEO traffic. To see real results.
  • Content marketing – our team creates epic content that gets shared, attracting links and traffic.
  • Paid media – effective paid strategies with a clear return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get famous on Instagram without getting followers?

You can get famous on Instagram without getting followers by posting high quality content.

How do I start an ecommerce business on Instagram?

You can start an ecommerce business on Instagram by selling products that you have created yourself. You can also sell products that you have found on the internet and then re-sold.

How do you start on Instagram with 0 followers?

The best way to start on Instagram with 0 followers is to follow other people.

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