If you’re building a landing page, you want to make sure that what you’re building is right. But, so many times, that’s exactly what happens to many marketers when they build their own landing page. They make it too complicated or too simple, and end up not being able to create a good functional landing page. Luckily, there are plenty of examples out there for you to learn from. In this post, I will share with you 12 landing page examples that you can use to create your own functional and beautiful landing pages.

Landing pages are not just for startups anymore. With more and more businesses joining the digital marketing world, landing pages have become the go-to place for any business to get started. Landing pages are a great way to collect email addresses, nurture leads, and get more information from existing customers.

It’s time to get those “Contact Us” and “Blog” buttons in your website. It’s a great way to be more active on the internet and draw attention in your blog.. Read more about landing page examples 2023 and let us know what you think.

Which would you prefer: a beautiful website or a website that your clients enjoy?

You should not choose either option from a business standpoint.

Your response must be 100 percent accurate. I’d want a website that converts well.

Because if people purchase, they enjoy it and you can grow your company safely and reliably.

Many individuals fall into the trap of designing designs they enjoy, despite the fact that their ideal customer avatar is quite different from what they envision.

And it’s easy to see this when you click on advertisements on social media.

You may enjoy the advertisement itself, but the landing page on the other hand is usually not what you want to see.

An appropriate message to market fit is the link between your visitors and your landing page.

You want your message to be tailored to your target market so you can start with a successful funnel that will only become better.

Because if you make a mistake there, you’ll be optimizing and modifying little components to barely break even.

However, if you nail your messaging, you’ll be attracting consumers without even understanding why or how they found you.

It’s your most potent weapon, yet most companies use it incorrectly.

So, in order to assist you and ensure your instant success, we’ll go through the top 12 landing page examples you should utilize to grow your company.

We’ll go through each one’s advantages and disadvantages so you can pick one that’s right for you.

You’ll be able to create high-converting landing pages like magic after reading this article.

But first, let’s have a look at…

What Characterizes a Successful Landing Page?

In general, an excellent landing page has the following elements:

  • a powerful header with your primary keyword in it
  • a subsection that expands on the main heading
  • text that describes what’s being offered
  • an illustration, video, or picture that supports the offer
  • a form or call-to-action button that allows the user to convert

You may also add social evidence or trust indicators, such as customer evaluations, testimonials, or logos.

However, the precise design will be determined by your objectives, company, and sector.

Allow me to pose a few questions to you that will point you in the correct path.

What Are Your Objectives for Your Landing Page?

The following are the most frequent choices:

  • Getting people to sign up in return for free information on a topic.
  • Selling a low-cost item such as a book or a mini-course directly.
  • For a monthly service or program, a free trial offer is available.
  • Upsells are used to generate a profit on a free + shipping deal.

Before you create your landing page, you need to determine precisely what offer you want to convey.

Of course, you may make different offers, but the goal here is to figure out which one you want to utilize for your company.

If you’re still unsure, look at the samples lower down the page.

Are You Serious About Your Idea, or Are You Simply Testing the Waters?

It takes time and effort to create a high-converting landing page.

It’s possible that you’ll spend months improving a non-profitable landing page before it begins producing meaningful results.

If you’re not ready for that, I advise you to stop before you begin.

Yes, a fortunate shot may result in a homerun on your first attempt, but don’t rely on it.

Prepare for the long game so you may reap the long-term rewards that are much more satisfying than the immediate gratification.

What Is Your Financial Plan?

Prepare a firm budget before you start developing your high-converting landing page.

You can’t expect things to go perfectly the whole time.

Problems may arise, and the most efficient and expedient method to address them is to hire a professional in the area.

A developer, a funnel designer/builder, an Ad expert, or a CRO consultant are all examples of this.

In any case, you should be prepared to pay someone to do it correctly so you don’t have to deal with the same issues over and over again.

There’s a rule of thumb in marketing and life that says you should complete your job and then let someone else evaluate it.

Obviously, the best method to test landing pages is to run some advertisements and observe how well the visitor converts.

If it does, you should increase your marketing spend and attempt to grow your business.

If it doesn’t convert right away, you should get it looked at by a specialist.

Even if you had someone construct it for you before, don’t expect him to assist you here.

Yes, they can improve your website, but bear in mind that individuals are emotionally invested in their jobs.

That is why you need the assistance of a third party.

When it comes to optimizing a landing page for conversions, you should think about employing a conversion optimization firm.

Today’s large marketing firms have hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who have been in your shoes.

As a result, employing a marketing firm to assist you in increasing conversion rates is the ideal option.

When it comes to CRO (conversion rate optimization), no one does it better than NP Digital.

It is, without a doubt, the finest marketing firm for both SEO and CRO.

If you’re at a point where you want to improve your current landing page but aren’t sure how, schedule a short conversation with an expert to learn the hidden conversion optimization techniques your company requires.

Let’s have a look at a few landing page samples.

The 12 Most Effective Landing Page Examples

The 12 Best Landing Page Examples we could discover are listed below.

Conversions, offer, design, and customer experience will all be factors in our evaluation.

1. Obtain a response

Get Response is an example of a basic but interactive landing page.

Get Response is the only program in the business that utilizes an interactive headline, so you can tell they’re daring.

On the picture below, the yellow sign alternates between the phrases growth, leads, and sales.

That provides for a fantastic attention-getting headline that entices you to keep reading.

They also have a pleasant, upbeat demeanor, something we don’t see very frequently in businesses that aren’t focused on a personal brand.

Of course, this isn’t a terrible thing. It creates trust automatically and makes it simpler for customers to sign up for their products.

2. Slack

When it comes to landing pages, Slack is always at the top of its game.

They’re always looking for ways to improve conversions, and that’s the greatest approach to discover your successful landing page.

Their current one is very interactive, has a large eye-catching title, and includes a short five-second clip that demonstrates how simple it is to utilize the program.

You can see they prioritize customer happiness right away, and if you’re still not convinced, scrolling down will lead to nonstop credibility and outcomes that demonstrate their market authority.

3. Intercom system

The primary goal of this landing page for Intercom is to encourage you to sign up for their email list.

Keeping it to email is a fantastic approach to get more people to sign up.

A bold, upbeat headline that motivates you to take action right now.

They utilize pictures that precisely reflect the headline’s primary selling point.

You’ll notice a welcoming atmosphere, and all you have to do now is opt-in if you’ve arrived at this page.

4. Lyft

Lyft has been rapidly expanding in recent years, with its website, landing page, and entire online funnel playing a key role.

They are mostly interested in recruiting new drivers who want to be in charge of their own lives.

The greatest approach to attract the finest applicants from your rivals is to promise them independence while they work for you.

Lyft has used a variety of landing sites in the past, but this one is the most polished yet.

A large, attention-getting headline appears once again. This time with a question to pique their interest and stimulate their thinking process.

Look for the “APPLY TO DRIVE” button. It means that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to obtain the job.

Making it such that your customers have to fight for your attention motivates them to work harder on the task.

5. Zoho

The landing page for Zoho is an excellent example of more complex but still very effective message.

They utilize more text than the industry norm, but that isn’t always a negative thing.

In their situation, they need to convert the prospect to start a free trial, which creates anxiety in the prospect since he knows there will be a moment when he will have to pay.

It’s far more difficult to persuade someone to pay than it is to just get their email address.

That’s why including extra text in their message packs a strong copywriting punch that boosts free-trial signups.

6. Squarespace

Squarespace leads the list for landing page design with the least amount of text.

You may believe that text alone isn’t enough to persuade someone to change their mind.

When you realize they’re a website builder, though, you’ll notice how the design and fast and strong message are all you need to join up.

They know that most of their prospects struggle with complex coding, so they want to offer them a safe place where they can relax and create a great website design by dragging and dropping.

7. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign focuses exclusively on demonstrating how their product improves the customer experience.

If you’re a company owner, you want to be treated properly while still assisting your consumers through difficult circumstances.

Their headline kills two birds with one stone, and there’s no unnecessary text or design this time.

Everything culminates in you pressing the large green button to begin your free trial.

8. Hubspot

Hubspot is another CRM that is currently at the top of the list.

They show you how, like ActiveCampaign, utilizing their software will make you and your customers feel better throughout the process.

Knowing that their target customer’s primary issue is that learning a new CRM from scratch may be difficult, laborious, or even impossible, allows them to focus their messaging.

9. Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the most well-known platforms in the internet world today, and they are fully aware of it.

They’ve been able to try out various landing page designs as they’ve expanded to discover one that converts.

And the landing page for Shopify Plus proves it.

Potential primary aim is to schedule a consultation call with their prospects, which requires more than a few words.

They have the financial resources to produce excellent films for all of their goods and services, allowing them to communicate important information to their prospects in the most efficient manner imaginable – video marketing.

You can see strong credibility down below, and if you take the time to view the video, you’ll almost certainly schedule a call with them.

In the hands of the right business, videos can be a lethal weapon, as Shopify demonstrates here and in pretty much everything they do.

10. Webflow

When you arrive at Webflow’s landing page, the software’s findings are instantly shown.

Big websites that have utilized their services have given them immediate reputation, and you may start for free.

This relieves whatever stress the prospect may be feeling.

Furthermore, their program seems to be comparable to Photoshop.

If you’ve previously worked with Adobe products, you’ll know that this job will be a breeze for you.

11. ClickFunnels is a tool that allows you to create sales funnels

ClickFunnels’ software is used to get you to sign up for a free trial.

Even if you’re dubious, you may test the responsiveness of their technology by manipulating the funnel pages and buttons.

They utilize more text than the typical website/funnel builder, as you can see.

They’re attempting to get people to sign up for a 14-day free trial yet again, which is not an easy job.

They also make effective videos that sell straight to their target audience.

The fact that they’ve included metrics on their landing page is the greatest aspect.

If done properly, it’s a bold and forceful move.

Because of the way these statistics are built, they are continuously updated, and there aren’t simply 100K+ users as you would see on other platforms.

ClickFunnels takes pride in its customers’ achievements and is constantly on hand to document them.

It’s one of the more difficult landing page designs to master, but if you succeed, your conversions will soar.

12. Conversion Lab

This landing page design has been used by Conversion Lab for many years.

We’ve observed that they split test several button CTAs, such as book a call, receive a free consultation, and others.

Keeping their Founder on the front page of their website fosters a long-term connection that many companies today overlook.

They clearly explain their services in their compelling title, and a pop-up will appear collecting your email even if you aren’t ready to schedule a consultation.

Email follow-up is an excellent method to guarantee that a large proportion of visitors to your website schedule a call with you.

What Exactly Is a Landing Page and How Does It Function?

A landing page is a page that has been specifically created to entice visitors to perform a certain activity (i.e., convert.) They operate by emphasizing important ideas, establishing confidence via social proof or case studies, and giving a call to action to promote conversion.

What Should Be on a Landing Page?

While the precise structure of landing pages may vary, they should contain the following:

  1. a headline with the primary term in it
  2. subheading that expands on the main heading
  3. a description of the deal
  4. a photograph, a video, or a drawing
  5. CTA button or contact form
  6. Customer logos, reviews, or testimonials are (optional) trust components.

What’s the Purpose of a Landing Page?

Any company with a website should have a landing page to persuade visitors to take a specific action, such as scheduling a demo, requesting a quotation, or joining an email list.

Is It Necessary to Do A/B Tests on My Landing Pages?

Absolutely. To improve the effectiveness of your landing page, you should do A/B testing on a regular basis.

Conclusion of a Landing Page Example

These samples may be used to help you design a high-converting landing page. Make sure you do the following to get the most out of your landing page:

  • Find out what your top clients are most concerned about, and then use a short, snappy headline to directly address this issue.
  • If at all possible, use credibility and videos.
  • Determine your objectives: do you want to obtain their email, phone number, schedule a call, join a free/paid trial, or anything else?
  • Make sure your Call to Actions are clear and easy to understand.

Finally, your landing pages should be optimized at all times.

It’s impossible to be flawless from the start. Before identifying the best landing page, each company on this list tested their sites dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Even yet, they continue to optimize.

Have you ever attempted to create a landing page? What was your experience like – did it convert well, and what were your greatest breakthroughs?

  • Unlock huge quantities of SEO traffic using SEO. Take a look at the outcomes.
  • Content Marketing – Our team produces incredible content that is shared, linked to, and drives traffic.
  • Paid Media – successful paid tactics with a measurable return on investment.

Landing pages are the backbone of any marketing strategy. They are the first step on the path to conversion, so knowing how to create a simple, persuasive, and effective landing page can mean the difference between success and failure.. Read more about product landing page examples and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a 2023 landing page include?

A landing page is a websites first impression of the company and brand. It should be visually appealing, informative, and easy to navigate.

What makes a good landing page 2023?

A good landing page is one that has a clear call to action, and is easy to navigate.

What should I write in my landing page?

Your landing page should be a short, concise paragraph that tells the visitor what your website is about. It should also include a call to action for them to visit your site and learn more.

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