Microsoft Advertising, today announced the following June product updates and releases, which will be available to advertisers on the Microsoft Advertising platform:

After a lengthy hiatus, Microsoft Advertising has announced a handful of upcoming products.

Microsoft Advertising today announced new products and updates for July, including improved dynamic vertical remarketing, better insight into marketplace audience size, new ad settings for RSA and more!

Microsoft expands verticals for dynamic remarketing

In late July, Microsoft announced plans to expand dynamic remarketing to other industries, including automotive advertising, entertainment and the travel industry (particularly tours and events).

Dynamic remarketing uses product identifiers to determine which product a target audience has interacted with and then uses this to serve targeted ads.

For more information on this configuration, see Dynamic remarketing lists : Remarketing for goods.

Refined market and target group data

Microsoft has updated the user experience for advertisers selling viewers on the marketplace.  As advertisers add target groups within a market, they can easily see the size of a segment based on the specific markets they are targeting in a given campaign.

Previously, the default size of the target audience was global. If the campaign is for the United States, the size of the audience reflects only those members of the target audience who are in the United States.

Automated bidding extended to Microsoft Audience Network

The automated auction will be rolled out to the Microsoft Audience Network in July. This change applies only to search campaigns registered with the Audience Network. Individual audience campaigns (without search elements) will get this feature in the coming months.


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New inserts for your responsive search ads

Microsoft has added two new ways to customize responsive search ads: Countdowns and site expansions.

Countdown configurations allow advertisers to dynamically insert a countdown into the RSA for important moments in your business, such as… B. Online sales or events. For example, you can set a countdown period to the end of the sale or to the end of the delivery window so that the product is delivered by a certain date.

The new format is {COUNTDOWN( , )}.

With location overlays, advertisers can add locations to their ads to maximize relevance to a searcher based on their location.

New extensions in force

Microsoft has expanded the number of actions available for action extensions! For more information on configuration, see the help documentation.


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Down with Microsoft’s ad intelligence program

Microsoft Advertising has withdrawn its Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool.

The tool is currently still available, but will not be updated or supported in the future. Instead, advertisers should use the keyword planner in the user interface.

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