Squarespace Vs. Wix – Site Builder Comparison

If you are looking to start a blog and are not sure which to choose between Wix and Squarespace, you are not alone. Let’s dive into the two and see how they compare.

The question I get asked most often is: “What is the best website builder?” When I first opened up the site builder marketplace, Wix and Squarespace were the only two options. After a decade of being in the industry, I now get to compare these two to help you decide which one is the right choice for your business.

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Wix has been awarded for simplifying the process of creating websites. With a drag-and-drop interface, hundreds of applications and flexible pricing options, anyone can create a website without stress.

Squarespace has the best selection of design templates, but the customization options require more technical confidence. Squarespace is just ahead of Wix for blogging and e-commerce tools, but Wix is more flexible and has something for everyone.

Squarespace or Wix : What’s better?

The tighter, more professional Squarespace models are best suited to creatives who value aesthetics. The grid editor takes some time to master, so it is more suitable for advanced users. Turn your ideas into a visually appealing Squarespace website for free.

Wix is the best choice for beginners who need an easy way to create a website right away. It has a drag and drop interface, so creating a website is as easy as solving a child’s puzzle. It also offers hundreds of templates and features that give users creative freedom, no matter their skill level. Create your own awesome free Wix website today.

Overview of the best kits for creating web sites

A good web designer knows the difference between an idea that grows into something great and an idea that fades away. To give you a head start, I’ve pooled my experience in website design and created a list of the best website builders to meet your needs.

Wix has once again proven why it is considered one of the best players in the industry. Squarespace, although not on this list, has its own benefits that are of interest to those who meet certain criteria.

Wins Squarespace

Unlimited storage : All Squarespace Premium plans have unlimited bandwidth and storage, so you can host an unlimited number of files while media downloads run smoothly. While most Wix packages offer unlimited bandwidth, none of them offer unlimited storage. So you can’t just download random files.

Structured Page Editor : Squarespace doesn’t have the functionality that Wix is known for. Page elements are grouped into content blocks that can be moved and stapled into rows and columns. While this feature may seem limited, it allows you to create a page in a more controlled environment, which can help prevent unintentional sloppy design.

Professional models of high quality: Wix may offer more template options, but Squarespace outshines its competitor in quality. It offers 60 templates that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to navigate for both the designer and the viewer. Whatever model you originally chose, you can change it or replace it with another at any time.

Adjust the color palette with a single mouse click: Squarespace lets you choose the colour theme that best suits your brand. Just select a palette and Squarespace will apply it to your entire website.

Like Wix, Squarespace also offers the ability to choose specific colors for individual elements. But since most users have no sense of design, Squarespace’s pre-selected color schemes will save you headaches and guesswork about your site’s aesthetics.

Well designed internal functions: Squarespace may have fewer features than Wix, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in execution. The backend features are carefully designed and integrated with the editor, so you can manage your website without installing third-party extensions.

For example, the restaurant menu editor uses markup language, so adding items is like filling out a simple form. Wix, on the other hand, accomplishes the same task with a relatively long process that requires only a few clicks.

Squarespace’s donation system is also superior to Wix’s because it not only has a donate button, but also a dedicated checkout for donors, email receipts, and suggested amounts.

Seamless podcast syndication: Are you starting to host a podcast? Squarespace also surpasses Wix’s simple podcast player by being the only one in the industry to offer syndication. This feature allows you to submit your podcast to Spotify or Apple Podcasts, where you can be discovered by a legion of potential fans.

Selected third-party applications: Everything Squarespace doesn’t have, it offers in the form of third-party extensions. Even the Wix features that Squarespace doesn’t have can be supplemented with a third-party equivalent, so you don’t miss anything.

For example, the Wix Events app allows visitors to book tickets online, and Squarespace can integrate with Eventbrite to do the same. The Memberstack integration with Squarespace accomplishes the same thing as the Wix Members application.

Ready-made blogging tools: With Squarespace, you can start blogging immediately and share your best content with the world. Unlike Wix, where you have to install a separate blogging application, Squarespace has built-in blogging tools.

Basic features like post tagging, categories, comment moderation, and drafts help you create professional-looking blogs, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s also easy to work with multiple authors because Squarespace allows you to collaborate with them on the same article or assign them different roles.

Advanced e-commerce functionality: When it comes to creating an online store, Squarespace is inferior to Wix in terms of quality. It offers the same basic features as Wix, such as. B. Personalized receipts by email, point of sale system and automatic shopping cart retrieval.

However, to maximize your profits, Squarespace goes further and offers features that Wix does not. These include gift cards that you can use to promote your brand. You can also use out-of-stock and low-stock notifications to create a sense of urgency without being too intrusive.

24/7 online support: If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your Squarespace website, you can contact customer service via email, Twitter or live chat. Through these online channels, their team can get to the bottom of your problem faster.

Squarespace has eliminated phone support because the existing support channels allow for complete troubleshooting without making you wait.

Loss of square area

There is no intuitive drag and drop interface. Squarespace’s page editor works as a minimalist grid system, so you can’t drag and drop elements. Less freedom means less opportunities to play with the design. It also takes longer to get used to. Squarespace is not as easy to use as Wix.

Limited creative control: The biggest advantage of Squarespace is also its disadvantage. A structured editor allows you to customize the design of your site within certain limits, but it also means you have less creative control.

Templates are similar to professional templates, but you can’t edit, move, resize or color page elements as easily as you can with Wix. You cannot display the header and site logo at the same time.

Limited number of models. The reduction in design options also makes it harder to stand out. For example, most photographers rely on Squarespace to host their portfolio sites.

With a limited number of models to choose from, they will likely choose the same model. As a result, they get portfolio sites that look like other sites in their industry.

Less generous plans for e-commerce : Squarespace beats Wix in terms of e-commerce features, but you don’t get as many benefits if you only sign up for the basic plan.

Squarespace’s basic e-commerce features cost $18 per month (business plan), while Wix’s equivalent costs a little more: $23 per month (basic business plan). However, you can’t save on the base rate because Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee unless you upgrade your plan.

In addition, you will not have access to some important features, such as. B. abandoned shopping carts to pick up, unless you have the Advanced Commerce Plan, which costs $40 per month.

On the other hand, Wix does not charge transaction fees for any of its e-commerce plans and even offers abandoned car recovery for those using the basic plan.

Vicks Vince

Prices are subject to change: Wix offers a wider range of pricing options, so you can start your website at any time and easily scale it as you grow. The free plan is available for beginners who are not afraid of Wix sponsored ads and subdomains.

If you need your own domain, you can upgrade to the basic package for just $14 per month. You can then upgrade to one of the three higher plans for websites or open an online store by paying just $23 per month for the basic business plan. Squarespace, on the other hand, doesn’t have a free plan, and most major features are only available on higher plans.

User-friendly interface for beginners: Wix’s drag-and-drop editor is still a big advantage of Wix. It provides you with a template that you can use to create a simple website in minutes without having to learn the code. Squarespace is also a no-code website builder, but the grid-style editor makes it cumbersome for some beginners. With Wix, you have total control over the layout and can even add features by dragging widgets onto your page.

Immediate Websites : Wix’s artificial design intelligence (ADI) will actually build a website for you. Just answer a few questions about who you are and what you need, and Wix ADI will create a professional website. You can then use simple editing tools to customize it to your needs.

Other internal applications : Name a feature you want to add to your website, and Wix has an application for it. Do you want to set up a forum? Find Wix Forum in the App Market and install it for free. Are you planning to add a chat room to communicate with visitors in real time? Try Wix Chat, another proprietary application you can add for free. If none of the built-in Wix applications are what you’re looking for, don’t worry because there are more than 200 other free or paid extensions offered by third-party developers.

Free Email Marketing Tools : With this built-in feature, you can send email campaigns to your contact list and even create workflows to manage your own sales funnel. Evaluate the effectiveness of each of your campaigns with a tracking tool that lets you see how many people are opening and participating in your messages.

Wix’s email marketing tools are part of Ascend’s complete business solution, which gives you access to other marketing tools like chat, social media integration, and SEO tools. Best of all, you can access a limited number of features for free, or upgrade to one of three paid plans to take advantage of all the benefits.

Robust SEO Features: Wix has its own action plan to make sure your content ranks well in Google. The great thing is that Wix brings all the strategies together in one place, so users can learn SEO on their own and improve their online presence. SEO Wiz includes step-by-step instructions, performance updates, and many other tutorials to help you improve your website’s visibility, even if you’ve never heard of SEO.

Multiple customer support channels: Unlike Squarespace, Wix offers phone support, so you can rest assured that your problems will be handled by humans and not robots. Wix also offers support through forums, social media and email, but no chat. If you get stuck or confused while working in the page editor, there are small question marks on the screen that you can click to quickly find a solution without leaving the page.

Automatic backup and restore function: Wix is a proactive website builder that anticipates unwanted events and has developed countermeasures in case they occur.

Through the site history, which you can find in the site settings, you can restore a previous version of your site. You can restore modified versions of the site, whether they were saved manually or automatically.

Most importantly, a previously saved version of your site can be restored without affecting published blog posts or changes to your email list.

Losing to Vicks

Poor design of the model : Wix prefers quantity over quality when it comes to design. The 500+ customizable templates far surpass Squarespace’s 70+ templates. But the more options there are, the more time is lost in choosing and analyzing the option that best fits the idea of the website.

The approach of quantity over quality means that many Wix templates do not make a good first impression. There are a few hidden gems, but it will take time to find them, as they are overshadowed by patterns, some of which are downright tacky.

Unstructured Page Editor : The drag and drop interface of Wix has its drawbacks. Although it allows non-professionals to quickly create websites, changes made in the desktop version are not always synchronized with the mobile version. If you z. B. moving an image from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, this change will not be reflected in the mobile version unless you do it twice. In Squarespace’s structured editor, freedom of movement is much more limited, but any changes you make will be reflected on both screens.

Complex color changes: Wix doesn’t have pre-selected color palettes like Squarespace, so changing text and background colors isn’t as easy. This is the flip side of greater freedom in manipulating the elements of the page. You are free to choose the colors for each element on the page, but if you have no design experience, it can be very difficult to determine which colors are best without guidance beforehand.

Limited bandwidth and storage: Wix doesn’t have the unlimited resources that Squarespace offers in all of its plans. Therefore, the cheaper your Wix subscription is, the more limited the number of files you can store and the amount of traffic your site can receive per day.

The cheapest Wix plans, Connect Domain and Combo, offer only 1 and 2 GB of bandwidth respectively. This is sufficient if your site is only visited by a few people per month. However, once a website has at least 1,000 visitors per day, it requires about 8.5 GB of bandwidth per month, which Wix only provides from the unlimited plan, which costs $12.50 per month (annual billing).

Bad blogging tools: You can make a decent blog with Wix, but if you’re looking for more features, get them from Squarespace. Wix allows you to schedule posts, add tags or categories, and save concepts. However, you cannot use it to moderate comments. You cannot filter comments and only publish those that you have approved. Wix also doesn’t have a built-in blog feature. You need to add the free Wix blog app itself before you can start creating content.

Limited flexibility with free plans: If you create a free website on Wix, you pay nothing, but you have to pay the price of flexibility. The Wix subdomain, advertising and appearance of a free website are generally less professional. If you want to experiment with a free website, that’s fine, but you’ll need to upgrade to Wix Premium plans to really build your own brand.

Comparison of the best kits for creating web sites.

You want to create a website from scratch, without touching the codes? With a website builder, you can do all this and more. If you want to get started, here are the best website builders I recommend:

  1. Wix is the best option for general use
  2. Weebly – the best option for beginners
  3. Web.com – The best for creating landing pages
  4. Shopify is the best for e-commerce
  5. WordPress – the best for content management

Wix is the undisputed website builder if you want to set up a website quickly and without technical knowledge. The drag-and-drop interface requires a short learning curve, and with hundreds of templates and features, you can design your site however you want.

But for a more professional website with a stronger aesthetic and more customization options, especially if you’re willing to spend time creating it, Squarespace is a better choice.

  • SEO – Unlocks a large amount of SEO traffic. To see real results.
  • Content marketing – our team creates epic content that gets shared, attracting links and traffic.
  • Paid media – effective paid strategies with a clear return on investment.

As a company, we don’t get too excited about comparing one website builder to another, but it’s something that we’re going to do anyway. Because we’re super curious about what we’ll discover. So, here is a review of two web building platforms that we have recently discovered.. Read more about shopify vs wix vs squarespace and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which site is better Wix or squarespace?

Wix is better.

Is Wix more expensive than squarespace?

Wix is more expensive than Squarespace.

What is better Wix or squarespace or WordPress?

Wix is a website builder that allows you to create a website without any coding knowledge. Squarespace is a website builder that allows you to create a professional looking website with minimal effort. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows users to build websites without any coding knowledge.

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