Facebook is introducing a new way for its users to make money by writing for the social network. Called Facebook Business, it’s an all-new monetization system that enables content publishers to make money when readers click on ads that reference their content.

Facebook is announcing a new feature on the News Feed – a new native ad format they call the “Bulletin.” For those who aren’t familiar with what a native ad is, it’s an ad that looks and feels like a part of the News Feed, and thus, gives users the option to interact with it and like it. This should be great news for Facebook’s publishers, who will now be able to monetize their organic content with non-intrusive ads that are similar to the ones they already see in the News Feed.

There are many different types of content on Facebook that are monetized through advertising, including video, product, news, and others. One way to monetize content is through paid ads. The Facebook News Feed is a paid advertisement platform, utilizing an algorithm to show users the ads they are most likely to click on. The platform has been greatly improved over the last few years, making it more efficient for advertisers to target people.

Facebook has announced a new service for writers called Bulletin that will help them communicate with their audience, grow it and monetize it. All proceeds from subscriptions will be donated to the authors. The Bulletin is a separate website at Bulletin.com.

What is a Facebook newsletter?

Bulletin is a set of tools that allow authors to publish a standalone website, process subscription payments, and use Facebook social media to connect with subscribers and readers and grow their base.

The service was launched in the United States with a select group of writers, including Malcolm Gladwell.

Over the course of next year, even more features and tools will become available.


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Screenshot from official Bulletin.com website

Discovery and distribution

Bulletin will use Facebook’s ecosystem to build an audience by qualifying them for Facebook News. The newsletter will also be integrated into the Facebook pages.


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All the features currently available on Facebook, such as groups, Facebook Live and live audio rooms, are available for authors to take advantage of new opportunities to make money and increase their engagement.

Additional functions and tools appearing in bulletin

Facebook has announced that new features will be available.

Over the course of this year, we will introduce new investments, products and services to support more independent authors and experts.

We’re working to make it easier for authors to promote their work on platforms other than Facebook and to collaborate with other authors.

The Facebook Bulletin continues to work on other Facebook tools that support creators. Instead of relying on third-party content outside of Facebook, Facebook is creating an ecosystem that generates content that is proprietary and exclusive to Facebook.


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Malcolm Gladwell’s newsletter is called O, MG.

He explains that the Bulletin gives him the opportunity to express himself in a less formal way and to interact directly with readers.

He wrote:

I’ve been looking for a while for a place where I can be a little more, well, Malcolmie. Get out of here. Stay tuned. Tirade. To go into some of the things I’ve been thinking about, writing about or passing on in my podcast…..

Also, to answer your questions.

That’s why I’m here on Facebook with Oh, MG. Think of it as a direct download from my brain to yours.


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The Facebook Bulletin continues Facebook’s trend of becoming a source for the discovery of unique content.


Official announcement on Facebook
Introducing the Bulletin, a platform for independent writers.

Malcolm Gladwell
Why start a newsletter?

Bulletin.com Home PageOn March 27, Facebook announced a new monetization platform that will allow publishers to pay to have articles appear in the News Feed and Facebook Groups. The program will be called “Journalism Project”. It is designed to help publishers and journalists to monetize their content, which will help the organizations shift from a traditional model to a new model where content is more important than the ads. The project will help publishers to find and connect with people who want to read their content and generate revenue for their organization. That means content will become more important and content creators will have more control over how their content is distributed and monetized. Publications will be able to set their own prices for content in Facebook Groups, which will be charged directly to the user. ~~. Read more about facebook theverge and let us know what you think.

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