A virtual job fair that is entirely virtual is not so rampant, especially when it comes to marketing. But virtual job fairs are becoming more common—and more effective. Here are some ways to run a successful virtual job fair to attract top-notch marketing talent.

Recently, I attended a company’s hiring event. Afterwards, I asked this CEO about his hiring process and advice on attracting top talent. He was great at sharing examples of past hires, and shared some insights on how to attract top talent.

What are the top skills marketers are looking for in today’s competitive workforce? When you are trying to attract great marketing talent, it may seem like there are hundreds of different skills you need. However, there are only a few critical skills that are critical for success for any marketing position.

In recent years, virtual job fairs have become more popular. That is almost certainly going to continue.

Virtual job fairs may be an excellent method for candidates and employers to meet for the first time. How can you ensure that yours is a success? Here’s all you need to know.

What is a Virtual Job Fair, and How Does It Work?

A virtual job fair is an online event where job searchers may meet prospective employers and network. The whole event is streamed live online, enabling participants to learn more about companies, network with other job seekers, and attend seminars and keynote speeches from the comfort of their own homes.

With so many virtual job fair platforms to select from, you may build an online version of a conventional job fair.

When you combine conventional aspects like colorful booths, meeting rooms, information packets, and guest speakers with online components like virtual tours and analytics, it’s clear to understand why this way of recruiting is so popular.

According to experts, up to 80% of recruiting will be virtual in the near future, and the early phases of the hiring process are perfect for the internet medium. Deloitte, BNP Paribas, SumUp, and a slew of other big corporations have embraced virtual job fairs as a result.

What Are the Advantages of Attending a Virtual Job Fair?

How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent
Source: hp.com

Because the overwhelming majority of job searches begin online, it’s not unexpected that the following step will also be conducted online. Attendees aren’t the only ones who profit from job fairs; organizers and exhibitors stand to earn as well.

The following are examples of virtual job fairs:

  • safe
  • cost-effective
  • not constrained by physical boundaries
  • offer access to a larger pool of talent
  • make the data more accessible

The increased convenience is the most apparent advantage and one of the major reasons people went to virtual job fairs in the first place. People may network without sharing physical space since the event is hosted remotely.

Other significant advantages of the distant location may be found. You don’t have to pay for event space, for example (which can be expensive). By removing this expense from your budget, you can concentrate on choosing the best software and getting the most out of it.

A virtual job fair may potentially attract candidates from all around the globe. People are only willing to drive so far to attend a conventional job fair, but this isn’t an issue when they can meet companies from the comfort of their own home. With remote work becoming more efficient, it’s a great way for companies to recruit top talent from all around the globe.

Finally, the virtual format allows for much more data to be accessed. Employers may customize their offers and simplify the recruiting process by viewing participants’ resumes before they sign up. Data analytics may also make it easier to monitor event success.

7 Ways to Make a Virtual Job Fair a Success

A virtual job fair may save you a lot of time and effort compared to a conventional job fair. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to guarantee the success of your event. Here are a few pointers to make sure your event is a success and beneficial to everyone involved.

1. Select the Most Appropriate Virtual Job Fair Platform

It’s critical to choose the right platform for your virtual job fair. When hundreds of people are interacting online, you don’t want any problems, and the proper software will help you avoid them.

One of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a platform is features.

Consider the kind of virtual job fair you want to host and the features you’ll need to make it a success.

There are many excellent alternatives available, with Brazen, CareerEco, and Paradox being three of the most popular.


Brazen provides companies, schools and institutions, municipalities, and job boards with sophisticated virtual job fair software.

Brazen is one of the most popular choices for virtual job fairs, with a variety of features. The following are some of the most popular features:

  • completely customisable, enabling you to put your brand front and center
  • You may use live video broadcast booths to hold webinars at your event.
  • As required, engage guests via text-based and video-based conversation.
  • Everything you need is right here.

Enquire about price online to get a better sense of how you can use Brazen and how much it costs.


How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent
Source: gatech.edu

CareerEco promotes itself as a virtual job fair partner. It not only provides you with the platform, but it also provides you with assistance along the road.

CareerEco is a reputable brand in the virtual event business, with over 10 years of expertise. Amazon, AmeriCorps, FEMA, Wells Fargo, Arizona State University, and many more major companies utilize it on a daily basis.

The following are some of the most popular features:

  • You may customize your event to meet your specific requirements thanks to the platform’s flexibility.
  • cheap, up-front pricing that helps you keep your expenses low
  • toolkit for advanced technology
  • excellent customer service to ensure that your event is a success

Virtual events, as CareerEco points out, are here to stay. It’s a fantastic location to obtain a quotation from if you’re organizing a virtual job fair.


To make your virtual job fair easier to run, Paradox employs artificial intelligence. You can sit back and relax as Olivia, the company’s virtual assistant, takes care of event registrations and correspondence.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • simplified approach to assist you in swiftly putting up your event
  • Because there are no user restrictions, you may assemble a strong team to work on your event.
  • Registration has been simplified in order to increase attendance.

You receive a mobile-first recruiting experience with Paradox, which utilizes AI to put the applicant first.

2. Make a List of the Resources You’ll Need.

To be successful, a virtual job fair requires more than simply sophisticated software. Candidates want to learn more about the companies they’ll be working with, which necessitates a human touch.

Assemble a team that will showcase your company’s finest features. You’ll be able to make interesting presentations and offer them a full image of what it’s like to work for your company this way.

To begin, be certain you have the appropriate technologies (cameras, microphones, etc). This isn’t something to take lightly. A bad camera and microphone will make your fair seem amateurish, regardless of how excellent your program is.

Make sure that everyone on your team has what they need, and that you concentrate on coordination. Virtually bringing together diverse team members is difficult and requires careful preparation.

3. Create a Marketing Strategy

How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent
Source: ewjobs.com

Every event need attendance, and marketing your event is the only way to attract them. It’s pointless to hide a link in a corner of your website and hope that people would join up. You must be aggressive and laser-focused on your marketing strategy.

Marketing through email

Engagement is essential when it comes to promoting an event, and one of the greatest ways to do it is via email.

Even if someone has registered for your event, keep engaging with them and building enthusiasm. It’s simple for people to sign up for something like a virtual job fair and then forget to show up, especially if there’s no charge.

You want to get the most people to come, and one way to accomplish that is through an interesting email marketing campaign.

The Internet and social media

Marketing is all about reaching people where they are, which for the vast majority of us (almost 4.5 billion) is on social media.

If you have a big social media following, you have a great platform to promote your event. Don’t worry if you don’t; paid social media advertising is a fantastic method to reach a bigger audience.

To prevent overpaying on advertising, the trick is to employ precise targeting. Have a clear picture of your target audience, and utilize targeting tools to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

You’ll reach your target audience if you follow my instructions on how to promote on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You may also hire my firm to do this for you.

Make contact with potential partners

Make the most of your relationships. If you’re hosting a large virtual job fair, you could consider splitting the workload with another business and operating it jointly.

The more businesses you bring on board, the greater your reach.

Working together may be helpful in certain cases, and if it helps you attract more brilliant individuals to your company, it’s a fantastic idea. This is especially beneficial for local companies, since you all stand to benefit.

4. Create Virtual Photo Booths

Virtual booths are the online equivalents of the conventional job fair booths. They enable participants to talk with representatives from several businesses, or divisions within the same organization, and get to know them better.

Virtual booths are an excellent method to help applicants navigate the virtual job fair. It enables individuals to pursue their passions while also allowing them to interact with a variety of people inside a company.

If you’re performing a virtual task with a group of other businesses, for example, each company will have its own booth. Companies may also divide divisions, with one booth for accounting, sales, and marketing.

You may create your virtual booth to match your logo and stand out from the throng, much like a traditional booth. Small incentives, such as a free software trial or an ebook, may entice people to interact with booths.

5. Add More Events and Locations

One of the advantages of a conventional work is that you have a lot on your plate. There may be guest speakers, seminars, and entertainment choices in addition to exhibitors.

Just because your job fair has gone online doesn’t mean you can’t still provide these services.

To add various levels to your virtual job fair, create extra events and virtual breakout rooms. Concentrate on increasing the value you provide to guests. The better your recruiting efforts go, the more engagement you receive, thus these extra events and venues may be crucial.

More personalization is also possible with additional spots. They enable you to have personal encounters with the most promising applicants rather than engaging everyone as a group.

6. Before the Event, Provide Educational Information

As I previously said, your marketing efforts do not end when someone registers for your virtual job fair. Continue to pique interest by providing value in the weeks leading up to the event.

This is also a chance to double-check that everything is in order. The more prepared your guests are, the more at ease they will be, and the more characteristics you will be able to identify in them that may benefit your business.

Simple instructional material, such as suggestions for upgrading resumes, can not only make your work as a recruiter simpler. It may, however, keep the discussion going and give individuals the courage to show up.

Remember to send out automatic reminders! People have busy lives, and it’s easy to lose track of what they’ve agreed to.

7. Maintain Contact With Attendees

How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent
Source: gevme.com

If your virtual job fair went successfully, you should have established a solid rapport with the participants. It’s critical to seize this opportunity and continue to strengthen the connection.

When you meet someone who fits your criteria, it’s normal to want to continue the discussion. Even individuals you don’t employ, though, may provide useful information. Consider doing a poll to learn what your virtual job fair participants felt. This data will assist you in planning your next event.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual Job Fair

What are the advantages of attending a virtual job fair?

You may attract talent from all over the globe, avoid paying for costly event space, and invite a greater number of people to a virtual job fair.

At a virtual job fair, what do you do?

A virtual job fair resembles a conventional job fair. You network with other job searchers while meeting prospective employers and learning about their companies. You also listen to guest speakers, attend seminars, and network with other job seekers.

What are the best platforms for a virtual job fair?

Brazen, CareerEco, and Paradox are three of the most popular virtual job fair platforms.

Is it worthwhile to attend virtual job fairs?

Employers invest a lot of time and money on virtual job fairs, indicating that they are serious about them. This implies that virtual job fairs may help job searchers make crucial contacts that can lead to a job offer.


Because we spend so much of our time online, it’s no wonder that virtual job fairs are becoming more popular. Hosts may provide many of the same advantages as a conventional job fair, but with the additional flexibility and convenience of the internet world, using the appropriate tools.

Setting up a virtual job fair, on the other hand, isn’t going to be easy. Organizations spend time preparing and finding methods to provide value to participants in order to be successful.

Don’t forget to plan an effective event marketing strategy. You may provide fantastic material and limitless possibilities for job searchers, but if no one shows up, all of your efforts will be for nothing.

Find the appropriate platform, find out what resources you’ll need, and collect feedback from your guests to learn from your errors.

Have you ever held a virtual job fair at your company? What obstacles did you have to overcome?

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There are a multitude of job fairs taking place all over the country. These events can be very well attended and very well organized, but they can’t do much to help you attract top marketing talent. Why? Well, there’s really no way to measure your market’s interest or what they’re looking for. Plus, the people who attend job fairs and attend them for a day or two aren’t necessarily the best candidates to fill your open position. Most job fairs take place over a weekend, so it’s an ideal time for your employees to take vacations or travel, or to take a week off.. Read more about how to host a virtual job fair on zoom and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you promote a virtual job fair?

There are many ways to promote a virtual job fair. You can use social media, advertisements, and even word of mouth.

How do you host a successful virtual career fair?

The best way to host a successful virtual career fair is to have a well-planned event. You should start by researching the company and their needs, as well as what they are looking for in an employee. From there, you can create a plan that will be able to meet all of their requirements.

How do you stand out in virtual career fairs?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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